Monday, May 7, 2012

Daily WO Challenges + WO + Fuel

      There was an overwhelming response from (friends via Facebook) over the Sunday Morning WO Challenge! A number of them even asked me to post a challenge daily.. A “DWO” if you will.. Don’t have to ask me twice :) And in case you want to join in the fun:

DWO Challenge 
-1 minute WALL SIT (back against the wall, thighs- hips distance apart+parallel, knees stacked over ankles, arms straight out in front of shoulders)
-1 minute FOREARM PLANK HOLD (Think push up position on forearms)
- Do 5 rounds, ideally without rest in between! (10 minutes total) 
-Ready, Set, GO!
     Tell me how you do, and if you liked it or not :)

 For the Monday morning workout we tackled a little treadmill action, which left my butt and lungs burning:

3.5 warmup- 5 minutes
-Set the incline to 10% for the remainder of WO
-4.0- 5 minutes
-4.5- 2 minutes
-5.0- 1 minute
-4.0- 5 minutes
-4.5- 2 minutes
-5.0- 1 minute
-Set incline back to 0
3.5 cooldown- 9 minutes

    Then we moved on to back extensions, oblique crunches, single leg raise switches and lastly a 2 minute plank hold.
    I showered quickly and headed to Starbucks for some study-time, which lasted a few hours- though I was very distracted by every person that sat near me. I worked until lunch- heading home to eat, and proceeded to clean my entire house, do all the laundry and a bunch of research.  All that cleaning made me hungry AGAIN
   Whole wheat toast, homemade almond butter and the most delicious pear with some cinnamon

      While I munched away, I prepared my class- which was super fun.. Well for me :)
I always start the class with some stretching, but I always switch up the warm up and workout so it doesn’t get stale. Here’s what I took them through last night.

Repeat this circuit x5
- Forearm Plank Jacks x10
- Plank In-outs x10
- Plank Barrier Jumps x10

Circuit #1 Tabata style- 8 rounds 20sec work/ 10sec rest 
-Push ups w/ yoga block under one hand- alternating the hand on the block with each rep
-Triceps dips- from bridge w/ 1 leg extended- Each round, switch the extended leg

-1 minute Wall Sit
-1 minute Forearm plank hold

Circuit #2 Tabata style
-Lunge Back/ kick forward- alternating sides
-Side Step Sumo Squats/ side leg lift- alternating sides

-1 minute Wall Sit
-1 minute Forearm plank hold

   Followed by a cool down.

   Tell me about your day!
   What do you eat for your afternoon snack?

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