Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hope your day is filled with fun and CANDY!! 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Newport, RI Half Marathon October 13, 2013- Race Recap

This race was over 2 weeks ago… and I’m just getting to this recap now. Oops.. 

I guess we can start with the start of the weekend of the race.. On Friday we went to go pick up our race packets.. It wasn’t a big expo.. more like a tent with a couple of venders.. I did see this awesome shirt which I will have to buy for Paula if I get her to run a race with me someday
Later that night I got together with Paula and Erin for a little fire and girly talk.. 
Saturday was awesome.. Not only because my sister-in-law was in RI visiting (and I got to spent some much needed time with her and my youngest nephew JuJu)
But because we went to the Art Festival and had the best caramel apples I have ever had in my life.. Along with a bag of kettle corn practically to myself.. 
It was all part of my pre-race fueling.. which if you couldn’t tell is very well thought out. I was kind of smart and actually had a real meal later that night
Roast Delicata Squash and Chicken breast wrapped in bacon with parmesan cheese and hot sauce.. YUM!
After dinner I went to work getting ready for the race.. Shower, hair, clothes, and KT tape
I didn’t really go to bed as early as I would have hoped, but what can you do.. I don’t sleep very well these days.
5:30 came REALLY early… I made a huge cup of coffee, ate a banana (I had a think thin bar packed for an hour before the race was supposed to start) got dressed and headed out the door. The bridge was so pretty all lit up at the crack of dawn
I drove to the parking area which was in Middletown and hoped on the shuttle to the start. It was COLD.. I had worn a throw away shirt, but it was pretty thin and I froze while I waited to start. I also rocked this bracelet for good luck 
Which my sister-in-law bought for me the day before at the art festival.. (She got one just like it but with different colored beads) 

This race was a bit different that the last two since it had the full and half marathoners starting at the same time.. which meant there were a shit load of people at the start. 
The course was beautiful and full of rolling hills.. (rolling hills = Cranky Coco) Overall I felt pretty good though. My shins didn’t hurt until the last two miles.. but man, I had to pee for the first 6 miles! I had to pee from the start, but I thought to myself, “Your going to sweat enough that you won’t have to pee” Unfortunately that wasn’t the case.. By the time we got to the johns at mile six I literally thought I was going to pee myself, haha.  I was so mad at myself… and I definitely lost at least 2 minutes there. 

It turns out I PRed.. but only by 16 seconds.. and still not under 2 hours. Official time: 2:00:11
This was the last race in the 3 race series so I received two medals.. One for finishing and the larger medal representing the “Triple Crown Series”

Random stuff I saw durning the race
-Dude running in sandals
-A guy that looked like Mario (from nintendo) running barefoot.. I mean.. zero shoes..
-A guy dressed in a pink bunny suit.. similar to the one from A Christmas Story
-Two woman dressed like the female version of Woody from toy story