Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Phase 1- in review

   Phase 1 is complete (actually it was done on Friday and I’ve been slackin with the recap.) This is the first time following a program like this, and I have to say that I LOVE it.. Jamie Eason you are amazing.. you kick my ass every.single.day. and sometimes I would really like to punch you in the face for putting me through it.. but I love you! I didn’t take a before picture right before starting a month ago- but this is from October/November time frame so it’s close enough. 

You get the idea (and please don’t make fun of me too much!) 
      And this these next few are from this last week.. Again not the best quality but definitely seeing some results.

 My arms have gotten WAY more ripped.. and I’m loving it!
      I didn’t have much of a problem with skipping cardio since I’m not a runner or a fan of cardio machines… During this month I did a whole lot of handstands and yoga (along with teaching 1 class a week) but the Biggest difference since starting-

Being conscious of my diet. Now your probably thinking that this doesn’t make sense since I’ve spoken about my food/eating issues.. So let me explain. I never realized that I was eating to little protein before. I’ve been vegetarian or vegan for more than half of my life-15 years! and really never ever cared about protein, at all. But funny thing is that not giving your body what it so desperately needs will catch up with you eventually- Once I started making sure I was getting some sort of protein with every meal (and I try to get protein in each snack as well but don’t stress as much) I noticed a whole lot of difference.. I felt more alert, stronger, leaner and have really started to notice the difference in my body. It feels great!
     My favorite ways to include protein: Veg friendly!
 My beloved Chocolate dipped strawberry <3 I’ve mentioned it like every single time I blog.. but I just love it! Greek yogurt is amazing.. but throw 1/2-1 scoop of some EAS chocolate protein (or any other kind I’m sure.. I really like cookies and cream in this too) and Mix Mix Mix.. and you have yourself some chocolate pudding, MMMMMM.. I also eat a TON of eggs. Mostly I eat egg whites since I’ll eat 5 or 6 at a time.. but I do try to eat whole eggs every few days because lets face it.. there is a lot of good stuff in that yolk! Cottage cheese and tofu are sometimes an option (not together.. GROSS) and Last but not least.. and NOT veg friendly.. Sushi.. I don’t really count this much since I eat is rarely and sparingly.. but I LOVE raw fish.. HATE cooked fish and accidentally ate a piece that had cooked fish inside and literally had to be that gross person who spit it in my napkin.. I had to because almost instantly everything in my stomach tried to evacuate.. haha.. Anyway.. I might have 5 bites of raw fish in sushi every couple weeks and this is a big step for me- because for the first time in a while, when it comes to food, I’m listening to my body.. No calorie counting.. nothing.. just intuitive eating.. It’s a work in progress.
    Overall my body feels amazing and I’m looking forward to Phase 2

Friday, January 27, 2012

Finally a swim

   After my workout this morning with Paula, I headed home for my beloved protein shake and computer time (My routine was thrown off a bit this morning because James is working close to home which means we can get more sleep and push the coffee time back a bit.. unfortunately that meant that I didn’t have my usual social network and Gossip Girl time before the gym) More than ever I felt the urge to swim and I couldn’t ignore it anymore.. I went into the closet and dug out my old swim bag which has some of my old suits, googles and caps. Well as it turns out, not using your sweeds for god knows how long
will make the rubber straps rot out.. and turn to goo. Lucky for me I had one of those crazy straps ( like the one in the picture) that I bought forever ago. I’ve never used this type of strap before so it was all new to me- but I got it together and even found a piece of the old strap that wasn’t crap to replace the nose piece. Just so you know swedish googles are the best googles.. EVER and they are like $3 a pair.. I will warn you that they take some getting used to at first- but I’m pretty sure that wearing them 3 hours a day back in my teens has permanently reshaped my eye sockets for a perfect fit.. However once you start you can never go back.. True story. 
     I was so excited about swimming that I could literally feel my energy SURGING.. haha.. Kind of silly I know, but I was amped up! It was $5 for a single session and $30 for a month pass (which I will be purchasing on Monday when I go back) I wanted to talk to the staff a bit and really make my decision to commit to a month after I saw how the swim went. 
    So I had one goal for this swim.. I wanted to swim 40 laps ( just over a mile.. In competition its 33 laps 1650 in yards) I knew that I was going to be in rough shape and I was not mistaken.. It doesn’t take much to push you off your high horse- for sure. I started out with a simple plan.. “Let’s start with a 500 hundred warm-up” 
      Initially upon jumping in I felt amazing.. Just like coming home after a long trip. Well that high didn’t last too long when I realized how rusty this body of mine is. I had to stop after 200 yards to catch my breath, adjust my googles, and drink some water.. Hah.. it was pathetic. But after a few deep breaths I finished out the 500 yards.. I felt like it took about 10 minutes- I didn’t look at the clock- but that is what it felt like! I decided to be “gentle with myself” as Stacy always tells me to be… I just kept telling myself that I finally made it here.. and I should be proud. So in keeping with staying gentle, I decided on another 500 yards freestyle. This time I would not let myself stop, no matter what. I don’t care if I was barely moving, there was no way I was going to let myself stop. And just a quickly as I felt like I was rusty- it started to really come back to me. I felt slow and sore (decided to swim after a workout of shoulders was maybe not the smartest idea, lol ) But I was finding myself with each and every stroke. I finished and then did 500 yards mixed (100 breast stroke, 100 backstroke, 300 breast stroke freestyle blend) and closed it all off with one last 500 freestyle. So there you have it. 2000 yards just over a mile. I was in the pool for 45 minutes- so I was moving at a crawl.. but I got in that pool and I swam my little heart out and damn it.. I’m proud!

    There is something about swimming that is unlike anything else to me. I love the smell on my skin afterwards, the way my hair feels, the way my ENTIRE body feels like I was hit by a car.. I swear nothing exhausts me like a good swim. But somewhere between strokes and gasping breath, there is this space.. Everything is weightless, it falls away and all I can do is FOCUS.. sure I’m chewing gum (yes I’m serious and I had a piece in my mouth for ever single practice ever… ) and playing songs in my head, but there is clarity. All I can hear is the water all around me, holding me in it’s embrace, and I feel like myself. I feel safe. I feel happy. I feel thankful. 

   So any doubts that I had about paying the $30 a month to swim are gone. I don’t care anymore.. I just want to feel this way, always. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Working the “Moons over my Hammys"

    If there is one thing that Denny’s is good for- it’s the ridiculous names given to the crap food they serve. Surely you have heard of this sammich.. But I’ll save you the 1500+ calories! and suggest you do a kick ass leg workout instead..
Even though I have never actually eaten this thing.. I’ve seen thousands of them consumed and thats enough for me.. 
   So let us get to Moons over MY hammy- shall we?

Jamie Eason’s day 25 legs that is.. my hammy’s aren’t the only thing shaking.. True story..  

 Leg Extension: 3 sets of 10 reps 
                            75 lbs
 Wide Stance Barbell Squat: 3 sets of 10 reps      130 lbs
 Walking Barbell Lunge: 3 sets of 10 reps              50 lbs
 Single-Leg Barbell Deadlift: 3 sets of 10 reps       25 lbs 
 Lying Leg Curls: 3 sets of 10 reps                           65 lbs
 Seated calf Raise: 3 sets of 10 reps    
 Standing Calf Raise: 3 sets of 10 reps    (for the calf raises we just do standing body weight because we both have jacked up calves already and we do not have seated calf raises machines at our gym)

This week I went up in weight in all of the exercises.. just 5 lbs (leg ext, deadlift, leg curls) (10 lbs in squats) and accidentally 20 lbs for the walking lunge.. maybe that’s why my glutes are twitching 30 minutes later! 
    I love how quickly I’m gaining strength and am able to lift more weight consistently (but more on that coming soon at the 1 month mark- which is tomorrow BTW!) For now I’ll hang my head in shame as I get ready to tackle yet another day at Denny’s; where I’m sure I’ll be serving up dozens of the crap sandwiches above.. Someday I’ll get enough paid to workout for a living.. and teaching yoga is a start… but listen, I’m not looking for millions I’m just looking to be able to survive.. not too much to ask.. I don’t think… So I’m wiping my protein shake stache and dreaming about how awesome that would really be and somehow how I can actually make that happen.. Suggestions are welcome..  Until tomorrow everyone..

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Over the hump

  Of week 4. With just two days left to go, I can’t believe a month has gone by! Todays workout was chest and triceps.. and just like last week, this was a killer.. I am a masochist and really love when my muscles start shaking and giving out.. makes me feel like I’m kicking ass and taking names. But really, I have been loving all of our workouts, even if I’m hating them at the moment. I love being sore and feeling that exhausted post workout high.. It reminds me so much of my swimming days.. Now the only thing missing is a coach yelling and screaming at me. Man how I miss that.
    These days I’m the one doing the screaming and motivating- and while I LOVE it, and I love when my students are working so hard… I’m in need of a coach or trainer of my own. More than that I really want to stop all this talk and start swimming again. I know it would be great for me to get back in the water- and really my best option as far as cardio is concerned. It’s interesting reading what other people are doing in the pool, the number of yards.. or laps- and realizing that I used to do more than that for a warm up back in my prime.. I’m not trying to sound snobby or better than anyone at all- please don’t misunderstand.. I’m just finally realizing the kind of shape I was in at that point, and I would really like to get there again. There is such a huge difference between being in Swim shape and in weight training/over all fitness shape.. Completely different. When I was a swimmer I was very bulky in the shoulders, and while I had a ton of muscle it wasn’t very lean (this might have something to do with my age at the time) with my yoga body- I am much more lean and feel the most strong I have ever felt, Ever… But if I were to jump in the pool there would be no way I would be able to swim a 25 second 50 free sprint.. Maybe with some practice.. I can’t believe that I used to be able to swim that fast!
   What holds me back? Well I don’t want to pay for the membership.. I know it seems really silly, but it’s going to be about $40 a month- which I wasn’t ready to fork over before (especially because I would have to pay an application fee which is somewhere around $80 last I checked) The plus is that it is literally right down the street (I’m talking 2 miles) So there is another pool about 15 minutes away that is $30 a month, but with the price of gas and the added time to actually get there I think the extra $10 is worth it overall. The other thing is that I would have to buy some more suits. I have a couple of my old ones, and they would be ok for a while- but I would have to purchase a few more pretty soon (when I swim I wear two suits out of habit.. When I was training we always wore multiple suits for drag.. and come race time we would wear super tight suits so shed that extra space- so now I feel extremely naked if I only wear one)
   So what do you think… should I suck it up and pay that extra money???

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So maybe I’ve said too much.

   The last few posts have been a bit… Intense.. Hey, I’d apologize.. but that’s just the kind of gal I am.. Can’t help it :) After lots of thinking and talking to James, Erin and Paula about the appointment yesterday I’m feeling a bit better- having gotten some of that stuff out. I’m going to see Stacy today and I’m interested in what she has to say about all of this. I emailed her my post from yesterday as well- I have sent her entries in the past and sometimes its just helpful to allow my words to speak for me.
    This morning I woke up ready to take on the day and whatever comes with it. I met Paula for the usual 6am start and we hopped right on the treadmill for 10 minutes of warm up. Today is day 23- back and biceps. The workout went great and we even had some grunting meat heads to keep us entertained.. Listen dudes.. I understand that you are at the gym to “bulk up” or whatever but when you need your buddy to help you pull the cable so you can “start” then the weight is up to high.. and I really don’t want to hear you man grunts while I’m trying to do the cable row as amusing as it is. I go to Planet fitness for two reasons.. #1 it’s $10 a month, #2 I don’t want to deal with crazy muscle heads that think they are amazing and grunt their way through exercises incorrectly. I’m just saying..
    Post workout I headed over with Paula to her mom’s house for some chatting and coffee (I ate an orange too, yum!) It’s always fun to catch up with her family, since they are very much like my adopted family.. Ever since high school when I would drive Paula to and from school.. Once everyone headed out I came home for my favorite protein shake of the week (or two weeks) EAS chocolate protein, almond milk, 1 tbsp flax oil and a handful of strawberries.. LOVE IT!

Monday, January 23, 2012

ADHD with impulsiveness

    Funny story first:
I’m sitting in the waiting room at the ADD clinic- waiting to see the doc when this woman comes in. She walks right up to the front desk and whips out her checkbook, starts filling out the check and then all of a sudden yells, “Oh my god, I’m supposed to be at the Dentist!” Maybe that’s not very funny to you, but I thought it was hilarious. We are at an ADD clinic.. one where medicine is administered to treat the disease… you know help with things like organization and memory.. OK ok.. maybe its just a little funny, and insensitive..

   Upon meeting the doctor (or more accurately a nurse practitioner) I didn’t exactly get a warm fuzzy feeling. Unlike Stacy, this woman is exactly like the doctors I’ve seen in the past. (You know the past where I was treated for my “impulsive behaviors” that led to my eating disorder and cutting- i.e. given a bunch of pills) She was cold and condescending. But even though I didn’t particularly love her, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and be open to what she had to say.  So firstly I have ADHD with impulsiveness (simplex something or other) She proceeded to ask me a ton of questions about a variety of things- for about half and hour.. Then she started to say all the things that are “wrong” (not that she said that exact word) with me.. OCD tendencies, anxiety, paranoia?! impulsiveness, among other things… Apparently I’m fucking crazy..  The way she talked, it’s amazing that I haven’t thrown myself off a building or something. She continued to tell me that I have to be put on antidepressants (what?!) BEFORE I can be put on anything for the ADHD because if we don’t deal with that stuff first.. then taking a stimulant could drive me to the nut house..  Seriously? This is why I never went for treatment.. I told her that I was uncomfortable taking them- that Stacy and I had talked about treating the ADHD first (since that is attributing to the anxiety) and then worry about the other stuff.. if we had to. Well she didn’t like that.. Because then she said.. that since Stacy can’t prescribe meds- she doesn’t know how it works. Whatever.. At that point I stopped listening.. because SHE wasn’t listening to ME.. I’m not some test case, and I didn’t come here for a phys evaluation.. I came here to treat ADHD… I left there upset and confused.. I wanted to call Stacy- and even though she said that I could call.. I felt like I couldn’t- so I called James…
    I feel like I haven’t taken any steps closer to solving things.. and I don’t want to return to that lady.. in two weeks.. She gave me a list of meds that I have to research and decide on.. I don’t get paid hundreds of dollars for that.. thats your job lady- and clearly you need to work on your listening skills, because I will NOT take antidepressants again.. Ever.. I would rather be “crazy”


   I’ve been terrible at posting lately. Each time I sit down with intention to write about the day’s workout I seem to get distracted… Hello ADHD- you’ve been intense lately. I even went to Starbucks Friday to have some coffee and focus on blogging.. But then there were mom’s with their toddlers and internet access- so lets face it there were even MORE distractions..
   I’ve been doing the workouts each and every day- and this morning was once again Legs. (We are on day 22) It is definitely less fun to go to the gym when there is slushy ice on the ground. I definitely had a sweat going on this morning- maybe because I upped the weight in a lot of the exercises or maybe because we blew through everything a whole lot faster than usual. Apparently 2 days of rest were all that I needed for a little extra push.
   Today plans are pretty simple- Post workout protein shake (EAS Chocolate Whey, Strawberries, 1 tbsp Flax seed oil, 1 cup almond milk) YUM
   -Making Pumpkin Protein bars (via Jamie Eason and Bodybuilding.com)
   -Hitting up the Doc for the adventures in treatment for ADHD
And well.. whatever else I can scrape together.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Post counselor reflection

   I’ve mentioned that I’m seeing a counselor, Stacy, in the past. I think I even have written about some of our conversations and a few of her recommendations (like getting treatment for my ADD and learning to slow down when I’m eating) Seeing as Stacy is a holistic practitioner it may seem a bit weird that she wants me to seek treatment in the form of medication for the ADD- but I’m just going with it for now. I’m  curious to see if there is a lot of improvement through medication- which will ultimately determine whether or not I will continue of course. So anyway I’ve decided since my memory is shit and I always feel a little under the weather after I sessions (mostly because it brings everything up and out to the surface right in my face which right now can be a bit overwhelming- leaving me a blubbering mess when I walk out the door and drive home) that I need to start reflecting on the session- not only as a way to sort all of these feelings out, but to get it out of my system so I can be productive in doing the work that needs to be done. So take what you will from it, read it or don’t… but the purpose is 100% honesty…

      Today is just a overall gloomy day. It was the first time it snowed and stuck and even though it was just a bit more than an inch there is this heavy atmosphere that comes along with it. The sky is super gray the snow has disappeared into slushy mud and it just makes you want to stay curled up under the covers with some coffee or tea and waste the day away. I always seem to get to the office early and today was no different. Even though I am early I get anxious on the drive in… I drive faster and more chaotically than normal and rush to get there, but when I do I’m 10 or 15 minutes early which means I have to wait. The office is welcoming and warm- a pale yellow paints the walls, mediation cushions are stacked in one corner, a tea station by the window, a few large house plants which are kind of wildly growing out of their pots, and 3 chairs and a bookcase. I always sit in the first chair on my left which is set in front of the bookcase. There is a clock ticking loudly and as I peer around the room I notice how silent it really is and it is almost uncomfortable. Usually I scan the bookcase in search of something to pass the time, and today was no different. None of the books appeal to me though. There is a stack of Yogajournal magazines on the floor next to the books and I search though to find something to read. I flip the pages, I read the headlines and maybe a few sentences into the articles before I just continue on. Nothing can hold my attention right now. I listen to the clock tick, god it’s so annoying isn’t it? I see that she is a few minutes late to come out to get me which irritated me.. and finally she opens the door and I’m allowed to come in.
     First things first, she is ready for business with a clip board in hand holding a form that will allow her to share information with the ADD clinic- information that they thought might be helpful; the reasons she wants me to get treatment. Over the next 10 minutes we try to figure out the logistics of the form- which I could care less about. Why is she doing this now? It’s just cutting into the time that I have to talk to her. I feel agitation growing and I just want to get it done.. Finally we finished and she says, “filling this out has shown signs of ADD” I’m not sure what good it will do me to hear that- but it makes me feel weird, like I did something wrong. I just want to move on really, but she decides that she will tell me what she is writing on the form- which makes me feel worse. It’s nothing bad really, it’s just that hearing these things written and read aloud to you make the words sharp and hurtful.
   That is finally done but as the session continues, the cuts slice deeper. I bring up the conversation that I had earlier in the day and I fight back tears, which eventually win me over. I’m feel like I’m being pushed down, I’m having to defend myself and I’m being asked to settle. All vague- but it would take a lifetime to explain them all in detail so that’s for another day. But right now I feel frustration. Why doesn’t he hear me, I mean really HEAR me when I’m talking to him? Why does everyone have to ask me concrete questions and really expect a concrete answer when I’m floating in this space of the unknown?
     We move on to this weeks body issue struggles. It’s been a tough one. I weighed myself and was shattered- The number will never be what I want it to be, and really I know that it doesn’t matter, but yet it does. It sends me spiraling for the rest of the week- and once again I’m frustrated that I just can’t be where I want to be. I workout. I eat well. I drink water. I try to find some balance. and yet I feel like I’m being punished. Stacy asks about my exercise and food intake, and we talk about getting protein and healthy fats- things that I already know and I’m working on. She tells me that I am obviously strong- and I say “ What does it matter if I’m strong or if I get stronger when it’s not the physical that I need to improve” I need to be stronger emotionally- but I can’t go to the gym each day for that…
    Somewhere in there we talk about Jason and how we was truly the first person who saw my potential and kept on me to allow it to come through. I will always be thankful to him for that- but I feel like I’m abandoned by all of my Yogaslacker friends. Stacy tells me that she’s on my side and wants me to figure out my path. She asks me if there is anyone else in my life who 100% supportive of just that, and unfortunately there is not.
    At the very end of our session Stacy tells me that in treatment we have to start with the most basic of the problems, For me that is ADD, and continue to work in towards the other more pressing issues, but this takes a good amount of time. I never had the nurturing that allowed me to self actualize. She tells me that she fears that I will become impatient and say “Just fuck it” (her words not mine) and stop coming- and that she hopes I don’t do that. She tells me that she has had similar struggles and that it is possible to change- but I must be patient… this is something that I don’t posses at least not yet. She tells me to be compassionate to myself and the process as I walk out.
    It’s so much STUFF.. as I get into my car to drive home I realize that I really do just want to keep driving. Just drive and drive until I’m completely in a new place, I can be brand new. I feel sad, and defeated and I really want to take a nap. Who said therapy would be easy?

16 :)

    As it turns out- week 3 is an ass kicker… True Story.. Jamie Eason's Livefit Trainer — Phase 1, Day 16source

It’s a good thing that Jamie is so sweet because otherwise I’d be pretty pissed!  I’m just kidding- I love getting my ass handed to me and I feel stronger each and every day… This morning I was working with a bit of hamstring soreness from yesterdays workout and some slushy, snow.. I can’t complain too much since it’s New England and January and the first time there was any actual accumulation- if 1 inch counts!
This week I’m trying something new.. meal planning. I know there are tons of people out there that do this or have been doing it for a while with a whole lot of success. So here I am, jumping on board. Sure there are a whole lot of ways to go about this- but I decided to plan 5 meals, mainly for some diversity- shopping simplicity and brainless meal prep. So James and I took our list and went grocery shopping and made some Baked Veggie Egg Rolls alone side kale- the veggie rolls were inspired by Pintrest… They came out great and were super simple.  
   On the menu tonight- Pizza! 

Monday, January 16, 2012


   Sunday morning means I get to hit up Denny’s to make some money.. the day went by pretty well and I was out of that place by 1:30. I ran home for a quick snack and a change before I headed to Paula’s house to hang out. By the time I got home it was already 4:30 and although I knew that it was supposed to be a rest day from the weight training, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t do some yoga and handstanding. I took my asana practice from the Acroyoga Manual before working on handstands and forearm balances.  

   So I skipped a rest day with weight training and went right into week 3 of LiveFit. This week we start doing 5 days of weight training, which means we get an extra day of legs. It also changed a bit in the reps.. 3x10 reps of each exercise.  I really love getting up and out for gym time- and being done super early.. It makes me feel like I have the whole day ahead!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

The truth and the difference.

 The truth is I struggle daily with my body issues. The difference is I won’t let them define me. The truth is I am working "to love me for who I am”.. The difference is I still struggle with allowing the number on the scale define who I am and how I feel.
    This morning I weighed myself for the first time in weeks. I hadn’t done it- because I was scared. The truth is I can look in the mirror and stare at my reflection and think that I look beautiful..But the difference is I don’t FEEL beautiful. The truth is that statement is incredibly sad, but the difference is that its what I actually believe.
    The truth is I go to the gym, I eat very well, I see that my body is changing ever so slowly… but the difference is that I seem to forget all of that as son as I step on the scale and read the number.. For as long as I can remember this is my truth.  The truth is I am scared that I will never be happy with who I am.. but the difference is that I will not give up. I can’t give up. I can’t let this awful being that has lived inside me for over 15 years win.


       I finished out the second week of LiveFit with Paula each morning at 6AM- before work. I’m getting more used to working out or more specifically lifting that early in the morning- and I must say that Paula was consistently asking me if I was going to the gym this week.. (Usually I’m the one getting her to go) I’m glad that she is getting into too! The Ipad is a great gym tool except when I forgot to charge it.. oops!
      Since I’ve been going to the gym in the morning I’ve been practicing handstanding a bit less- though I’m definitely improving- which I’m thinking might be from the bit of rest from that handstand obsession I have. Haha :)
    James has been working 10 hour days, meaning that he has been leaving at 5AM and getting home at 7PM (almost 4 hours of that is just the commute) However he was out early last night which was perfect so that we could go out for dinner, drinks and a stand up comedy show with our friends Scott and Laura.
   It was so much fun- and I had my first Cosmo, which was $12!! It was pretty good, and definitely strong. And right before the show ended Laura’s elbow bumped the glass and CRASH!!! It smashed all over the ground.. but the staff was nice and didn’t make a big deal out of it.. Maybe it was because the bill was huge which makes the tip equally large (we always over tip- since I believe its good Karma) 
    Scott and Laura dropped us off and we drove over to Erin’s house to let out her dog Bella before coming home and crashing.. It was a great night! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day8 LiveFit

   Thank Goodness I was finally able to go to the gym for a workout.. I was getting a bit antsy- and it was definitely  time for more than just handstands and yoga. Day 8 was the same as Day 1- Chest and Triceps, and just as day one my arms were just about giving out by the end. Paula came with me too- and trying to do push-ups while laughing is a bit challenging. Haha.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Days 5,6, and 7

  Since these days are rest days I didn’t feel like they needed to be separate posts. In fact I didn’t feel the need to post them at all.. ha! Saturday morning I got up pretty early and snuck out of bed so that James could sleep- I had breakfast and coffee and watched some crappy teen drama until about 9.. Although it was the first rest day I was feeling like I wanted to get some movement in- plus James was just getting up and wanted some boy time before we went out.
    I spent about an hour doing a bit of yoga and stretching before handstanding for a while- until James came upstairs to make sure I was ok (since I guess it sounded pretty loud from downstairs) I even convinced him to do one (with my help of course) and I tried to talk him into letting me tape it for you all but he wasn’t down, darn! Maybe next time? After we got cleaned up we headed to the city to walk around for a few hours enjoying the wonderful and almost 55 degree day. It was so nice! We got home sometime in the afternoon and made some stuff to take to our friends house for their annual gathering after-holiday were they collect donations for a local homeless shelter…It was great to see all of our friends and even spent some time by a campfire which I’ve never done in RI during January..
   Sunday I was at Denny’s until 2. The day was surprisingly slow which is what we can look forward to for at least the next few months. Typically it’s a very bad time of year in the restaurant biz.. which makes the idea of finding work seem even more unattainable. After I chilled out, showered and dressed- we hit up the mall so I could drop my wedding band to be sized (my fingers are getting fatter?!) and ran to the grocery store for some dinner supplies. It was a pretty low key night- including some dirty teen TV..Eventually I feel asleep..
    This morning (day 7) I got some more yoga/handstanding in- and even though I can tell that my handstands are getting stronger and I’m getting better technique wise- it’s still kind of frustrating that I’m not a pro yet. I am however pretty excited that I can tape myself during practice and review the footage- giving me the ability to see what I need to work on. Each day I get better- and someday I’ll be able to hold that damn handstand for minutes at a time.. I just know it.. I do also see a difference in my abs.. it takes a TON of core ..
I mean it isn’t exactly wash board or anything- but I’m definitely learning to overcome my extreme flexibility..  Hurray for handstands! 
    Back to the grind tomorrow- and I can’t WAIT to get to the gym!!! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 4 LiveFit- random photo laziness..

    Shoulders and Abs today- and the last workout of Week 1/ Phase 1..  The workout was short and sweet :) I blended up some EAS chocolate protein pre-workout and stashed it in the car for my drive to go hang out with Paula.. She was babysitting so I kept her company for a little bit..
    As it turns out I suck at taking my photos and putting them on here.. so here is a bit of catch up..

check out this mess from chocolate covering pretzels with some friends.. You have to love chocolate and sangria during the holiday- so much FUN! 

And you have to work that stuff off.. with a bit of yoga and handstands..
 And I had my hairs cut :) LOVE it!

 Oh yeah… plus a new table and light for the dinning room.
 Chug that water!
 And we ALWAYS need some chocolate chips..
 And Maple Walnut French toast to round it out

Happy weekend!

Day 3 LiveFit

   Day 3 was done in a rush... I was really exhausted from work, it was later in the afternoon and pretty much the LAST thing I wanted to do. But I made it there- I banged it out…  my legs shook during the ride home so I suppose it was a good one :)
   I ate dinner and hung out for a bit watching 
OK I know- it’s a bit lame.. but sometimes a girl needs trashy teenage TV to get through the day. It was the perfect way to chill before going off to teach (or almost fall asleep watching.. lol) Teaching was fun as usual- but when I got home I was officially ready to pass out..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 2 LiveFit

   James is back to Boston for work- he’s up at 3:45 and out by 4:30- which means there is no more morning coffee time, boo! Usually I’ll feel him leave or hear the alarm clock go off, but I must have been so wiped from my late night workout I didn’t feel a thing. I woke up, made some coffee and caught up on some blogs before deciding that I would push the gym until after work. Instead I rocked out some yoga and handstanding..
   The gym was packed again when I showed up at 3pm. Luckily I didn’t have any trouble hitting the weights or machines. Just like yesterday my muscles were getting fatigued and shaking… I’m not sure why it seems like the workouts are so much more intense than my workouts in the past- I’m thinking it has something to do with the fact that I’m only resting for 1 minute between sets.. I have a great system for my rest intervals.. I have been bringing my Ipad with my workouts typed out in Quick Note- and play Blitzed during my rest (the game is exactly 1 minute so its perfect!) At this point my upper body is pretty wrecked between the LiveFit workouts and the handstanding, so I’m looking forward to lower body workouts for the rest of the week…
Let’s Confess
    I have ADD- I was tested when I was 16 years old because I wasn’t doing well in school. I remember that the tests took forever; Lots and lots of IQ tests, memory challenges and even some drawing. At the time I was against taking any medication once I was diagnosed- In fact I never did anything to deal with it. I just went on with my everyday life. I never thought about it until Stacy brought it up yesterday during our session. She thinks it might be a good idea for me to get some treatment for it- which will help move forward and take the steps I need to, to work towards my goals. As much as I don’t like taking meds- I think I agree with her.. And if it’s going to make things more clear- its worth a try. The good thing is that meds (usually Adderall) take effect immediately and if for some reason they don’t agree with me- then I just don’t take them again.. Simple as that! I’ve thought a lot about it since we talked about it and I will be looking into getting the meds this week.

Do you or anyone you know have any experience with ADD meds? Or any other treatments?

Day 1 LiveFit.. and Tick Tocks

  While I’m not quite yet ready to revel the “Looking ahead” post-  I am ready to talk a bit about the Jamie Eason Live Fit 12 week program- which is part of that… There are quite a few people around that are taking part or have taken part and so I’m jumping on the bandwagon… Last night I hit the gym after half an hour of yoga and some handstand conditioning

(I had my hair cut and styled which means that I had super fluffy puff with my top knot) I’m not sure why  every picture I stick out my tongue is my favorite.. but there you have it :-P

When I practice handstands I also practice Tick-tocks… as per the video :) 

Once I warmed up I headed to the gym at 8pm.. Seriously who knew that 8pm was such a busy time at the gym? I guess it has to do with the New year? Either way I was still able to get my day one Chest and Triceps in… and let me tell you- my Triceps were fatigued.. like shaking and giving out on me.. it was pretty awesome!  
    When I got home I forced myself to have some Protein.. EAS Chocolate of course :)