Saturday, December 31, 2011

The looking back post..

   As I sift through the reflections of friends and bloggers scattered along the internet I can’t help but be reminded of all that I went through this year. This has probably been the most transitional year of my life- but yet I still feel as though I’m stuck in the same place.
    The beginning of the year seemed to start much like any other, I was still struggling to teach at the yoga studio though I had a few students that did come on the regular they eventually faded away. One moving to Virginia, and one whom I was especially friendly with who just didn’t come back. As I’ve said a million times in the past, teaching yoga has always been a big struggle for me- and then these two woman came to my class one night.. They seemed to enjoy the class and even said that would be back the next week- Though I didn’t truly believe them as I’ve had many people say that in the past… But the next week they came- and in the months following they even brought friends along with them- and have been coming ever since..
    I had really injured my ankle the September before and was still struggling to heal when the teacher training for the Yogaslackers grew closer and closer. They needed an answer by Valentines day- and although I really wanted to go there were always excuses why I shouldn’t go… Eventually with a bit of convincing on their parts I made the decision to go- which was the beginning of the biggest changes. Before I was to leave- I quit my waitressing job and let me tell you there was no better feeling than being free of that place. It was as if a chain had been broken away from me and I was finally free to be the person I was meant to be.
    Training was not only the longest amount of time that I would ever be away from family, friends and James- but also the farthest I had ever traveled.. on the complete other side of the country- the place I always knew I would love and want to call home. I drove to Delaware to meet up with some friends before flying out to California…
    I had no idea what the training would hold. I knew that it was going to be something incredible and challenging- but I didn’t know that it would literally change my life and perspective.
    When I got back to RI after training James and I separated. There was much talk of getting a divorce and eventually I moved into my own apartment. This also meant that I had to go crawling back to Denny’s and beg for a job back that I hated- to afford everything..  I had never lived alone- ever. I hated every single moment of it, though it was good for me to see that I really could make it on my own..  Luckily I had Hydro to keep me company- many nights watching Netflix and snuggled with me in bed. James and I still kept contact and hung out- knowing that being friends would be one of the harder things to do.. but that it was really important to us. Over the next 3 months it became clear that although there were things that needed to change in our relationship, neither one of us was ready to throw in the towel. Eventually we decided to give things another go and work on the things that needed to change.
   By the time my birthday came around in November I was basically living back home, and finally finished moving all of my stuff back mid December. Meanwhile I started to see a Holistic Counselor, Stacy… which has been one of the more challenging things I’ve dealt with. While I know that there are so many things that I need to work out it can be really hard to deal with these things. Stuff that happened in my childhood that have molded me into the person that I am today- and while I do believe that I am a good person I know there are many things that I can improve.

Friday, December 30, 2011

I’m a bad, bad blogger.

   Lets just start with me telling you that I got a beautiful Christmas present from the Hubs: 
I’m obsessed and I’m pretty sure my Macbook Pro is pissed and feels left out. Now that I’m finally giving him some attention I figured I should pop in and talk a bit about whats been going on around here. Since opening up that bad boy up there on Christmas eve I have been Blitz-ed, Angry Bird-ed, Cut the rope-ed and reading up a storm. This is the coolest gadget I’ve ever had and I don’t know how I ever lived with out it.. In 3 days I have read the Hunger Games and I’m half-way through the second book in the series, Catching Fire.. (The books are awesome- and now I understand what everyone was so excited about.. I can’t stop!) and this was all in the middle of working and functioning in my everyday life- while being sick (more on that in a minute)
    I spent Christmas morning at Denny’s being mad at every single customer that had the nerve to come in for breakfast- hah and left around 1:30- ran home to clean up and started the rounds. We hit up both sides of James family before calling it a night (we had Christmas eve dinner with my dad’s side of the family at our house- and hung out with my mom on Monday because we simply could not go everywhere)
   I was pretty excited that James didn’t have to work on Monday because in his line of work they don’t get paid holiday vacation.. they get the time off though sometimes- and this happened to be one of those times- which meant we got to hang out in the pj’s drinking coffee and playing with the new stuff we got. After visiting my mom we went to a couple stores looking for both a case for James Ipod classic that I got for him and my Ipad- it was a zoo out there! Eventually we came home and I made soup because I was starting to feel sick- and then headed to our friends house to watch SOA and have some pizza.
   I worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday- all the while getting more sick by the day. I did manage to work out 3 times this week. Once at home for only 15 minutes (tabata) and 2 gym visits (upper and lower body) and I taught my class last night which was a feat in itself considering.. I’ve been feeling a bit “thick” from the holiday indulgences and disappointed that I didn’t work out harder this week- but hey the body had other plans- so just making it there was enough and I’ll have to be content with that.
   Back to the sickness 
I’ve had trouble with my tonsils and sinuses for a long time.. usually they will act up and I will just make my way through it without seeing a doctor- because they never actually do anything but give me pills. So I had been trying to do that this time- with James bugging me to go to the doctor because I’m coughing up a storm each night.. but I had been pushing it back, until I woke up this morning with what seemed like pink eye..  (which apparently can occur when your body is fighting infection.. who knew?)  SO I made sure I was at the doc as soon as they opened so I could be in and out of there. after an hour I had my diagnosis (which was exactly what I told the doctor it was even though they insisted on giving me a strep test) I have pink eye, tonsillitis and a sinus infection.. sweet.. and just as I suspected.. pills for 10 days and eye drops for 5..

  I took this as a blessing since it means I don’t have to work New Years day!!! I was supposed to work all day- but I convinced the doctor to extend it to Monday :) Thanks doc! Work has been pissing me off to no end- especially yesterday when an old man said he was surprised I knew how to use my brain.. I wanted to smash the pot of hot coffee right over his head.. but more than that- I am about to get shafted on hours- and even though I really don’t care, I have to because it’s my only option for work right now.. so this is my way of sticking it to the man who made me work on Thanksgiving and Christmas and miss time with my family.. Happy New year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where is the spirit?

I headed out to the gym this morning right around 6:30AM to get some sweat in before heading off to work.. I was a little pressed for time so I tried to make it snappy.

5 minutes warm up walk on Treadmill

SS#1 Run through 3 times 12 reps each
Pull ups 40lbs assistance
Tricep Dips 40lbs assistance
Hanging Leg Raises

SS#2 Run through 3 times 12 reps except fly which was 8
Bicep Curl @ 15lbs 
1 arm Row w/ tricep Kick back
DB Fly 

I made it out just in time for a quick shower, and lunch making- though I was still a bit late.. it was fine. The day was pretty busy and went by rather slowly.. but I made it out alive.. I did however find out my hours for Christmas day.. Yes I have to work Christmas day- because my job sucks and Denny’s can’t close on even ONE day because they are money hungry, greedy assholes.. True story. I have to work 8-2 which pretty much kills the whole day.. Thanks again- so much for the holiday spirit huh?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Choking it back..

 I skipped the gym this morning in favor of a home workout to switch things up. I found this on Pintrest a while ago and today was the perfect day to get to it.

1000 rep workout
It took me 41:30 minutes to complete it- and I was holding back vomit for the last half for sure. Sorry for being graphic- but it’s the truth. At least I know I got a good workout- or it could have something to do with being hung over a bit from my work xmas party.. Either way I feel like I kicked my own ass and rocked it hard.  Sometimes I just want to be in the comforts of my own home for a workout- like I don’t want any creepy dudes eyeballing me or meat heads pushing me out of the weight area..  

    I really can’t believe that Christmas is almost here. .I’m so unprepared it’s nuts. Everything will work itself out I’m sure.. but right now it feels a little hectic! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Playing catch up..

    This weekend was over in a flash.. and since last I saw ya I hung out with my buddy Paula and thank goodness because I had just about forgotten her face.. Friday night we met up with a couple friends for some drinks- but called it an early night because we were both super tired.  Plus I think we were both excited that we were going to be able to spend Saturday morning together.. like stay in bed as long as you want, drink gallons of coffee and stay in pj’s near the Christmas tree. It was wonderful! I find it pretty amusing that I can’t sleep past 7 am even when I have nowhere to go.
    Saturday also happened to be my mom’s birthday!

That’s my mom there between James and I- along with my Dad on our wedding day. I called up mom to say happy birthday and tell her we were going to take her out to lunch- where ever she wanted..  She chose Agave’s- which is a Mexican Restaurant right next to Denny’s.. I had only ever been there for margaritas :) which they have a whole menu page filled with kinds to choose from. I made my mom get one (she got mango which was SO yum) and we munched on free chips and yummy salsa while we waited for our meal. I got a mushroom and cheese quesidilla- which was pretty good at first but then it got soggy from the sauted mushrooms and it was a bit greasy- so I only ate half of it. Luckily I also ordered a salad and I was stuff to the gils with those damn chips.. We had a great time chatting and hanging out and were glad that we were able to spend that time with her. 

   James and I were super excited because we had to get ready for a night out to go see 
Cirque Dreams Holidaze:

What an amazing show!!! I can’t tell you how much fun I had- personally I know how challenging some of these things are- because I’ve tried to do them.. and these performers were completely amazing. I have so much respect for them, and want to be them.. lol If the show comes into town for you in the next few days, you need to go… no questions about it. 

    Sunday ended up being a crazy day at work.. Enough said. I was happy to be out of there and have a few hours afterwards to waste online- in silence after getting cleaned up. James came home to pick me up so that we could grab some stuff for dinner which we had with a few friends. After dinner (tacos!) we watched ELF to get into the Christmas spirit.. 

 Such a funny movie- and because I hadn’t seen it in a while I caught a few things that I missed the last time I saw it.. It was a nice way to end a hectic day. 

    Monday started nicely with some coffee and James time- and I was able to get to the gym at 7am- meaning that I was done and out by 8:30am which was the time I was actually just getting to the gym when I was babysitting.. so much better to be done early in my opinion.. I felt like I still had the whole morning!

10 minutes warm up walk on treadmill
    Smith Machine squats- 3x15 (1@ 70, 1@ 80, 1@90)
    Skaters 3x12
    DB reverse lunge @ 30 lbs 3x12 each leg alternating
    Barbell lunge- stepping forward @ 40lbs
    Mountain Climbers 3x20
    Barbell Stiff Leg Dead lift@ 60 lbs 3x12
    Bicycle crunch 3x20
    Hanging Leg Raise 3x12
18 minutes walk/ cool down on Treadmill

Since I hadn’t made it to the gym since Wednesday- or worked out since Thursday- feeling the burn felt awesome. I was totally ready to take on the day.. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Rest days- I always want to skip-em..

       But first we can talk about Thursday real quick.. The morning started at 5am with some coffee time with J and babysitting. Let me just tell you that I looked like crap and was really exhausted.. so exhausted that I got another coffee and stopped at the pharmacy to get some make-up so I could attempt to fix my face.. I’m not sure it did any good- but I at least felt better about myself..  (From now on said make-up will live in my car for such emergencies.) I finally got to the toaster for work at 9- a whole hour after my scheduled sift (whoops!) no worries- no one missed me.. I worked until 2:30ish, Got home to meet up with J, grocery shopped together, made dinner and ate before I ran to teach. I was pretty exhausted and passed out around 10..
     If it was hard to get up yesterday- this morning was twice as tough.. I didn’t get out of bed until 5:15 and I had to rush the coffee and put together a yogurty mess to take for my LAST morning of babysitting.. which thankfully went by really quickly----> YAY!

    Now lets talk about rest days. I hate them- they make me crazy and feel like I forgot to do something all day. But more than ever I realize that resting is just as important as the workouts themselves. Today is on of those days.. I was able to distract myself by hanging out with my long lost buddy Paula.. She and I always hang out- but with this new job that she got, she’s working a ton (it’s a seasonal “photo” job ) plus was finishing up school this week so I haven’t gotten to hang out with her as much as I like. We chatted, ate some lunch and caught up on the food network. Ah just what the doc ordered…

 How do you deal with rest days?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Morning coffee and workout before work..

    James gets up at 3:45 most mornings, which mean that the coffee time that we always had isn’t happening… Even though I get up pretty early most mornings- there is no way that I’m going to be up THAT early. Because of the line of work he is in, he works at different job sites often. Sometimes that means that he can get up at a normal time, and luck would have it that this morning was one of those days! I was passed out this morning, hard core and didn’t hear the alarm go off (I normally don’t) so when he came back upstairs to tell me that it was time to get up and that the coffee was already done I was in super zombie mode.source

     The morning was great! It had been so long since we enjoyed a morning together and I loved drinking our coffees while sitting next to the christmas tree :) Once J said good bye and headed off to work I spent some time relaxing and playing online before suiting up for the gym. Since it was the first time in a while that I would get to the gym before work I was ready to get into it and be done with my workout before 8 am.. I ate 1/2 of a ProBar and a bite of banana with pb before jetting off..

10 minute warm up walk on treadmill
   10 burpees x3
   5 pull ups with 25 lbs assistance x3
    Cable Row @ 70 lbs 3x 8
    Lat Pull down @ 85 lbs 3x8
    Shoulder Press @ 40 lbs 3x12
    1 minute forearm plank x3
     Barbell upright row@ 40 lbs 1x12
     Military press @ 40lbs 1x12
   Hollow body holds 30 sec/ boat 30 sec (repeated for 3 minutes no rest)
   Side plank with oblique dips 10 each side
10 minutes cool down on treadmill

I got home right in time for some breakfast which was the rest of that banana, 1/2 tbsp of pb, 1/2 scoop of EAS chocolate whey protein, 2 tbsp ground flax seed, 1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt and topped with a small handful of chocolate covered raisins… YUM YUM YUM.. I was completely starved so it was pretty awesome..

What are your favorite pre-workout snacks?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oxygen Lower Body- fantastical Recovery shake

    T-2 more babysitting days.. The kid was actually really good this morning and gave me to trouble at all.. I almost took back my resignation- ok maybe he wasn’t that good, but I’m making the best out of the situation for sure. While he slept away I watched
Funny that I’ve never actually seen it- and equally funny that I picked a movie that had to do with Christmas without even trying.. Twice in a row.. Yesterday I watched 
I guess I’m so tuned in with the Christmas movies I can sniff them out without even trying.. It’s like I have some sort of holiday radar going down.. Both movies were entertaining at 6AM.. which made both mornings go by much more quickly..
    With the kid safely on the bus I trekked over to the gym with my Oxygen mag in hand. I got it the other day when I went out with the Mom.. and just realized today that I got ripped off because it’s actually the November issue.. Boo! Either way they have a great lower body build your own style workout in there.. I figured I would switch things up and give it a try.. Basically there are 7 categories with a few exercises in each.. so you pick 1 exercise per category, and choose the rep amount and go to it.. Pretty simple, eh? I chose to do 3x12 reps--->some I upped the weight for the last set.

10 minutes warm up on treadmill
Barbell Squat 2@40lbs- 1@50lbs
Leg Press 2@ 130lbs - 1@150lbs
DB front lunge 2@40lbs- 1@50lbs
Seated Leg curl 3@60lbs
Glute Bridge (Bodyweight)
Standing Calf Raise (Bodyweight)
Hanging Leg raise (Bodyweight)
18 minutes (walk 3.5/ Sprint 7.5) Walk 90 seconds- Sprint 60 seconds (for 15 minutes and 3 minutes cooldown)

   I realized that I really prefer the Super Set method.. because I felt like I was just hanging around between sets and at times I felt bored. But it was good to switch things up and I will be including more workouts like this in the rotation. 
      Ok so now it’s time to talk about the AMAZING recovery drink I made for myself after my workout. I used 1 scoop of  EAS chocolate whey powder along with 1 tbsp of peanut butter and 2 tablespoons of raw old fashioned rolled oats- 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a splash of  whole milk for extra richness.. Dudes.. seriously- it was so fantastically delicious.. I gulped it up before I showered and it kept me full for a good 2 hours. 

So I’m wondering.. what else do you put in your recovery shakes? And what about your Protein powder? I put protein in pancakes, oats, yogurt, shakes and smoothies.. But I’m looking for more ideas. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Babysitting countdown. Upper Body W/O

    Over the last few days I have made to executive decision to stop babysitting. Here’s the thing- it’s WAY too early in the morning (4:30/5 am) for the amount of money I’m getting ($15 for 3 hours BTW) and I’m not getting paid consistently. So this will be my last week- I’ll be done Friday and free from waking up for anything else besides a workout and work.. To be honest I just am too tired to do the things that I want to do when I get up that early. I’m starting to think that maybe I have mono or something? I’ve been way too tired which is so unlike me- and I’m really getting worried about it. This morning at the gym I was exhausted and probably slacked off since I didn’t even feel like I worked up a sweat. I didn’t sleep well last night- constantly tossing and turning- does this ever happen to you guys? What do you do??

I’m too tired and not so motivated Upper Body workout…
10 min warm up walk on treadmill
2x12 Assisted pull ups @25 lbs assistance!  (these were so much more challenging with less weight!)
2x 10 push ups (slowly!)
3x12 Bench Press @ 40lbs
3x30 second handstand holds (If I came down before 3o seconds I just go back up until the time is up- timing was a rough estimate.. I’m sure some of them were much more)
   DB Bicep curl @ 10 lbs each arm-----> 3 minutes continuously 
3x12 DB Halo (2 sets @ 7.5lbs 1 set @ 5lbs)
3x1 minute Plank hold
20 Min walk/cool down treadmill

So there you have it- nothing too spectacular but I made it to the gym so that counts as a success in my book! Plus it was the first time wearing my Christmas present from my mom :) ------->
    I was in such need of new running shoes so when I told my mom that’s what I wanted for Christmas- she was all for it! What a gal that mom of mine ;)
    They are super comfy- and are specifically for people who over-pronate.. I’ve had Asics before and loved them so when I had to make the choice I went with a tried and true brand.. I think since I was wearing really crap shoes for a while my body might take some time to adjust.. I felt a little knee twinge and a food ache or two.. but over all they feel great!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My wishes..

Aerial Silks

     If you have never tried Anti-gravity yoga (similar to silks but the fabric is in a hammock shape instead of two long strands) it’s an amazing workout and is so much fun.. Teresa Kochis in the video teaches an aerial yoga class at a local yoga studio- and I was able to take class with her yesterday morning.. I liked it’s a whole lot more than anti-gravity yoga (the style of Antigravity and the name is trademarked.. meaning that classes seem to be pretty similar each time I have taken them at least) Teresa’s teaching style was much more free form and included a lot of “ if you want to just go for it- do it!” She would also instruct sequences if it seemed a little tough- but it was an amazing class..
    Amazingly enough she also teaches an Aerial silks class which you can “drop in” to about 45 minutes away from my house!! I’m super pumped about it because as I have mentioned before I totally want to be in Cirque shows.. It might be a far stretch for me- but it’s something that I would be totally cool with- in the sense of working out hours upon hours each day- and perform.. No joke it’s my bucket list!!
   I’m hoping to someday buy my own aerial silks..  A girl has to dream right? Either way after class I was feeling a little nauseous probably because I was flipping all around like a monkey and then it was super hot in the room.. The annoying thing about taking the class at a studio is that they make you wear long pants and long sleeves to keep the silks from getting too dirty so I was sweating up a fricken storm! I got in the car chugged some water and started to munch on this bar
(Not my photo- I totally googled it!)
  I got about halfway through it and realized that it wasn’t making me feel any better.. I made it home in one piece- made a fried egg sandwich with avocado and decided that I was exhausted..  so I headed up to bed for a nap until James got home.. Once we both got dressed we drove to Providence to walk around and see some Christmas festival- but we either missed the day or time and just ended up grabbing a coffee and walking around for a while. We ended up hitting the grocery store to grab some stuff for dinner and a bottle of wine- Funnily enough I made it through dinner and
But then I passed out.. I’m talking I went to bed at 8:30.. True story.. I slept until I had to get up at 6:30 for work.. and I was still tired!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The photos from Tuesday 12/6

     I came across photos online somewhere referencing a gigantic gingerbread house at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. so Tuesday James and I took a drive just to check it out.. It’s only an hour from the house and it was free so we hopped in the car and headed there.. 
    The gingerbread house wasn’t the only decoration:

 Though I didn’t take photos of all of them- the tree of giant balls was a must have photo op. And then we got to the gingerbread house which took some hunting down- and asking someone who worked there..It was incredible, check out the fireplace (behind glass for protection- there are some bricks with names signed on from the children who helped to place them)
 Seriously this this was pretty epic..

 And finally from the second floor looking down on it- it was totally worth the drive!
 Then we came across this crazy blown glass

I really want this thing in my house- it was so cool :)

Ouchie my quad hurts.. lower body workout

   As I mentioned earlier.. there is something up with my quad.. I know the best thing for it is probably some rest and stretching.. however I’m stubborn and felt guilty about not going to the gym.. So I went anyway.

 I started out with a nice gentle 10 minute walk on the treadmill
Smith Machine lunges@ 50lbs 3x12 each leg.
2 chin ups (not assisted! Using the frame of the smith machine)- 10 mountain climbers 3x12
Smith Machine Squats 1x12@ 90lbs, 1x10@ 100lbs, 1x8@ 110lbs (Yeah these didn’t make my quad too happy :/
1 minute wall sit x 3
Leg curl 3x12 (2@ 50 lbs 1@ 60lbs)
Jump squats 3x10 ( 1 Set- feet shoulder distance, 1 Set- feet together, 1 Set- jump feet hips distance-jump feet together-Jump up)
I ended with another gentle 10 minute walk on treadmill

It was a quickie for sure but it was still challenging for me today.. I feel much better about myself for going! I’m making sure to eat and drink lots of protein over the next few days and to get some stretching and foam rolling in to heal this bitch up quick :)

Anyway- plans for the weekend are pretty open so far.. I have to work on Sunday at Denny’s.. Bleh.. But other than that there is free space.. except if James doesn’t work tomorrow we are going to go to some Christmas thing in our old neighborhood.. Fingers crossed he doesn’t have to!!
What are your plans?

Thursday, December 8, 2011


    The last few days I’ve been stuck in the work zone- along with trying to sign up for classes which has been a total nightmare.. Seriously why are there so many hoops to jump through? I just want to sign up for classes!!! I just have to do the last few tricks before I can attempt to find some classes for next semester… So between that and some sore muscles I haven’t been to the gym..
    I did however hit up some
That would be Zumba, and I’m pretty sure thats that my face looked like too.. It was good fun- but it did make my already suspected pulled quad very sore and unhappy.. 15 minutes later I taught yoga and made it hurt more… Oh well- at least I got some sweat in! 
   Now I’m spending some snuggly time with the puppers and watching a really bad cheezy Christmas movie on Netflix.. I got to rest up for the weekend!
   What are your plans?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crack the whip

    Ahh protein- how I really do love you.  <3<3<3<3
The five pound bag is still going strong- though I think I want to try the vanilla one.. or another yummy flavor.. Cookies? Cake? Strawberry? Either way I’m not sure what else is out there really for flavors.. haven’t done the research because I’ve been too busy researching school programs. See what I haven’t told you is what I’ve decided to go to school for.. (I know I’m 26 you would think I would have figured all of this out by now- but I did do the yoga training in between… plus my attention span is about 35 seconds.)
      I’ve decided to become a High School PE teacher! I realize that wanting to teach high schoolers is probably going to be crazy hard but I think about coaching sports and the relationships that I had with MY coaches- and I would LOVE to be able to coach swimming!!! But lets talk about it’s going to take me years to finish school and then I’ll have to student teach.. Any PE teachers out there have any words of advice? I’m going to head out today to talk to an advisor at my community college (where I received my associates degree) and see what courses I can take there- that will transfer and to come up with a plan.. I’m a bit nervous about it because I know it is going to be a challenge; especially since it’s a double major.. Oh boy I might be out of my mind!

Or as crazy as Sue.. lol

Today’s workout is brought to you by frustration of babysitting a 6 year old boy at the crack of dawn:

10 min warm up treadmill
Chin ups 3x12
Plank holds 3 x1 minute
Incline DB Chest Press @ 15 lbs 3x12
Incline DB fly @ 7.5 lbs 3x12
Diamond push ups 12, push ups 12, Dive Bomber Push ups 12 ( That’s not each set.. just Diamond 1st set, ect.)
Tricep dips on bench 3x12
Leg Raises 3x10
Kayak Crunch 3x20 (alternating side, middle, side)
Toe touches 2x25
18 minutes walk/cool down on treadmill

Now I’ve GOT TO SHOWER because I’m pretty sure my clothes could walk away on their own.. Wish me luck at school!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Husband, who?

  Oh yeah! :)

 James worked all weekend.. I mean he left at 5AM Saturday morning and got home at 6PM; Sunday was the same. I felt like I didn’t see him at all which is always a bummer.. So when he suggested that we go out for dinner and spend some time together I was all for it. We decided to go to Crazy Burger which so happened to be featured a while ago on Diners, Dive-ins and Dives.. The food is a mix of homemade foods- including tons of vegan stuff.. which was the reason I had gone there so many years ago. I of course forgot my camera in the excitement of getting ready and seeing James… But everything was amazing!
   This morning I had to babysit and went straight to the gym as per usual. Today was a bit of lower body work:
   20 minutes on treadmill (various inclines and walking speeds)
Squats with 2-3 chin ups between sets (I can always do two but I’m working to get to 3.. so sometimes it’s just a half one :)
 12@ 80 lbs x2
 12@ 90 lbs
 12 @ 100 lbs
   Leg extension @ 80 lbs- 12,10,8
   BW lunge 3x12 (2 sets stepping forward, 1 set backward)
    Hip Adduction @ 130 lbs- 12,10,8
   BW squat 3x12
Headstands, Handstands and stretches with a few backbends thrown in for good measure 10 minutes

The day is already flying by.. I can’t believe it’s almost time for lunch, but at least I’ve gotten some stuff done.. Laundry is in process dinner is made and just needs to be baked.. dishes are washed.. I guess it’s time for some cleaning!

What are your Monday plans?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Melinda!

I finally figured out how to curl my hair with a straight iron for the night...

Here are a bunch of photos.. funny enough- I only really have photos of Melinda.. I guess I didn’t do the best job as photographer for the evening.. I made Sangria to bring over for the Pre-game before dinner..

 Two goblets later we were ready to hit the restaurant..

By the time the backbend happened she was feeling really good… Until she actually did it and then felt sick for a while..  soon after I headed home for bed since I had to work… It was a great celebration!

Saturday workout- Hair- boots

  Surprisingly I woke up bright and early and had time to drink some coffee, eat some breakfast, and watch something Christmasy before I hit up the gym. I started out with a 10 minute warm up walk on the treadmill and moved on to some upper body work:
Super Set #1
Pull ups 3x12
Push ups 2x12 (for some reason I didn’t do the 3rd set that I had planned- there was a lot of people in the area so I got distracted I guess- hah!)
Super Set #2
Bicep curl 3x12 (each arm) 15lbs
DB fly 3x12 7.5 lbs
Super Set #3
Lat Pull down 3x12 (2 sets @70 lbs 1 set @80)
Cable row 3x12 ( 2 sets @ 40lbs 1 set @55lbs)
Super Set #4
3x1 minute plank hold
3x20 forearm plank twists
   I finished up with 18 minutes of walking on the treadmill for cool down.
I headed home and had a great idea…"Lets combine some coffee into the protein” I’ve had this instant coffee from Trader Joes laying around for a while so I made it happen. 

2 tsp of instant coffee mixed with 1/2C of boiling water, 1 scoop Chocolate protein, 1 cup almond milk, and 1/2 a cup of whole milk- blend-er-up..

 It was really very yummy- though I think next time I would cut it down to 1 tsp of coffee..

When James got home we decided to have a pizza bake off..
 We ultimately it was determined that my pizza won this round!

Afterwards we had a little holiday fun- Sammy seems to think that the tree skirt is his special place to sleep-
 I love that the boys let me do anything to them.. lol Too fricken cute my kids are..

 And just because I forgot to share..
 My hair cut the first day- when the hair dresser did it.. it will never look this go again...

How was your weekend?