Monday, December 31, 2012

WOs +Half Marathon +Happy New Year!

    Getting back to the gym is rewarding. Especially when you do a workout and your still sore days later.

Wednesday- Leg day
-Leg press drop set
- Pull ups (3 sets AMRAP)- 6, 4, 2.5
- Deadlifts @60lbs 3x25
-SuperSet Pushups/ Goblet Squats (50lbs)
-Lunge back & knee up 30xAlternating
-Pistols 2x5 each leg (I LOVE pistols.. so challenging!)

Friday- Upper body
-First set (run through 3 times (12 reps each exercise) before moving to the next)
Bicep curls 15 lbs
Front & Side Raise 12.5 lbs
Push ups

-Second Set
Bench press 40lbs
DB pull over 25lbs
Triceps bench dips

-Third Set
Cable cross over 15lbs
Opposite arm leg extensions
Cable cross chops

Finished off with some treadmill sprints

   I went to work and got sent home 20 minutes later.. It was the first Sunday I’ve had in a while without work! I wasn't really planning on working out, but suddenly I got some motivation and went for a run.
      There is going to be a lot more running around here because I just signed up for my FIRST HALF MARATHON! 
I can’t begin to tell you how excited and terrified I am. The farthest I’ve ever run is 7 miles so I most definitely have some work to do!

Monday (Last workout of 2012!)
   Paula and I met for a workout finally. We kept it pretty short and sweet- but it was nice to have my gym buddy back!
-Goblet Squats with reverse lunge- 15 each leg
-Slow Mountain Climbers- 30 reps
- Front Lunge with knee ups- 10 alternating sides
-Alternating one leg push-ups- 10 reps
-Plank Jacks- 20 reps
- Jump Squats- 10 reps
Super Set- Triceps push down/ Triceps push up
-Triceps dips- 3x12 reps

   As the year comes to a close, I am more than excited to get cracking on the fun stuff coming in 2013. Half marathon training and race, Planning a two week long road trip along historic Rt. 66 to the Grand Canyon (June!) and with good fortune more teaching spots and travel- along with more consistent blogging!
   Happy New year friends!

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

WO+ Hibachi

    So I did this awesome workout that I found at Melissa Bender Fitness called “Burper” 2 rounds for time:
15 Burpees
35 V-ups
15 Burpees
35 Pushups
15 Burpees
35 Aussie Pullups
15 Burpees
35 Squats
15 Burpees
35 Kettle bell swings (I subbed medicine ball wood chopper because I don’t own Kbs)

   Zoom in and your going to see a whole lot of sweat on my very wrinkled forehead.. I most definitely thought I was going to die..
   James and I have a little tradition around Christmas, actually there are a ton of traditions around here including LOTS of Christmas movies- because I get a new one every year- A million strands of lights on the tree and giving some of our gifts to each other a little early..  This thumb hole shirt was one of my early gifts
   The brand is Cuddle Duds and I’m absolutely in love.. I may have worn this shirt two days in a row.. one of those days was to a little end of the world gathering- just look at the cupcakes that someone made!
    What better way to celebrate the possible end of the world?

  Saturday was a pretty low key shift at the restaurant… but I couldn’t wait to get home and tackle a workout before going to dinner with some friends:

Warm up- Tabata
High knees
Jumping Jacks
Tuck Jumps
Butt kickers

Main set (also from Melissa Bender Fitness)
(2 rounds of 20 reps per exercise) 10 exercises total

Finisher- Tabata

    After a quick shower and costume change, we met up with our friends (it was his bday!) at the local Hibachi restaurant Kon’s.  (The Bday boy is this guy with his finger in his nose.. so classy)
   James and I started out with a Lollipop roll.. Red tuna, avocado, yellow fin and crab stick (which I picked out) wrapped in thinly slice cucumber.. It was pretty yummy, but I definitely like the rolls with rice better I think.
  James also ate the tail end of our friends sushi roll- that long piece was all eel.. YUCK (I hate eel)
  Once the show started things got crazy.. Shots of Saki (forget about my thumb)
  Flaming volcanos..
  And a little plastic peeing man to put out the flames..
   I had the veggie hibachi.. broccoli, carrots, onions and squash- along with a big serving of fried rice- I couldn’t finish either thing.. but it was yummy for sure.

   It was definitely a great night with good friends! I even got james to take some pictures with me…
 Well we had to take a few since he is such a clown!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You ever have those moments?

  The moment when someone hands you a gift… but you don’t have one to give them in return? That most definitely happened to me the other day. My boss left an entire box of gifts for each of the students.. and I hadn’t even THOUGHT about getting her one.. Now that I feel like a douche bag- I’m very happy that I will have the chance to buy her something today so I can bring it into the studio for her tomorrow..  (She gave me all of this awesome stuff!)

  The moment that you tell your boss (a different one- have have 3 right now!) that you’ve been called into work at your real job, which means you can’t go and teach that night.. and she comes into the restaurant visiting looking for you.. and you left hours before (meaning that I would have been able to teach after all - I teach there for free in exchange to use the studio for any of my clients at no charge) and THEN she calls you out about it on Facebook the next day.. 
     In all honesty, I didn’t know how late I would be getting off work.. since I was never told. That being said, I was relieved because I didn’t want to teach that night- seeing as no one has been showing. Maybe it wasn’t the best judgment- but damn it.. I’m tired from working extra hours at the places I get paid.. I’m sorry.

   The moment that you realize you are expecting your entire family at your house for Christmas Eve and you have NOTHING at all done..  No baking, no cleaning, no tying up of lose ends.. This holiday seriously has snuck up on me this year.. 

   The moment when you realize your out of your favorite hot sauce…  Good thing I remembered to get more at Target
 So good on eggs.. But eggs are pretty awesome all the time. and so is hot sauce :)

   This mornings workout started with 30 minutes of running on the treadmill followed by some back and side extensions and a little shortie circuit 3 times through (with a 20 lb DB):

10 DB swings (right arm)
10 DB swings (left arm)
10 DB rows (right arm)
10 DB rows (left arm)
10 DB overhead triceps press
10 decline push ups

      In and out of the gym in 1 hour..  Perfect! I was even more excited to get home, snack, shower, and make my way to my massage appointment. Getting massages are one of my favorite past times- My massage therapist Jess is amazing.. sometimes I want to cry because she gets so deep into my muscles, but seriously it’s so worth it..
    Afterwards, Paula and I met up for a little shopping, some eyebrow threading and hang out time. After dinner I am off to teach yoga at the kickboxing studio.. 

So tell me… you ever have those moments?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


    Hi guys! We are certainly in the thick of the holiday crazy.. aren’t we? Make sure you pause for a couple beers

     And fuel with some green smoothies

    I love sharing random things that cross my path- here is one of the books that is displayed at the restaurant
    I literally Laughed out Loud. Lately I’ve been spending some time drawing and painting in between lots of work
    And doing my best to keep the good food stocked in house
    And of course shopping and having some fun in between.

   Monday morning started with a who lot of leg work- the first grouping was all squats.. feeling the burn
    After the gym, I cleaned up and grabbed some coffee before heading to the mall for more shopping
      Four hours later, I managed to find some really good stuff, and hit up Trader Joes for some fridge restocking.. Thankfully afterwards I was able to hang out for a while and chill since I’m fighting a cold- before I went to teach. Needless to say I crashed when I got home!
   How are you handling that holiday hustle?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fitness for the week

  This week has been nutty. I’ve worked a ton and managed to workout 6 out of the 7 days this week.

   This was the only day I actually made it to the gym. Score! I hit the treadmill for 20 minutes of sprint intervals before moving on to some leg lifting.
- 4x12 Squats
- 2x 12 Lunges
- 2x SS 20 Deadlifts/ 12 Goblet squats
- 2x Single leg Deadlifts

   I met up with James for his break and may have housed some chocolate chip pancakes

I taught later in the night a WO I named “Deb” after one of my students.

3 rounds through
-50 sumo squats w/alternating side leg lifts
-40 skaters
-30 jump lunges
-20 Single leg kick up (10 each leg)
-10 jump squats

  I fit in a short workout that I found the Blast off Workout. This workout was a quick and sweaty-
10 rounds of:
20 jump squats
10 push ups
10 bent over rows
20 mountain climbers
    It took me 17:39 to complete. I refueled before headed to work
Brown rice Tortilla filled with
2 whole eggs+ 2 egg whites
pepperjack cheese
    I warmed up with some intervals 10x 50/10- the first 6 intervals I alternated jumping jacks, high knees, and butt kickers. The last 4 intervals I alternated plank and forearm plank.. I moved on to Zwow 46 which took 12:27 to complete.

   I just did some yoga.

   Another Zwow- I can’t remember which one it was… But it consisted of:
30 burpee buy in followed by
2 rounds of:
  10 wallstand Pushups
  20 Squat jumps
  10 Row Tuck
  10 Jump Lunge side kick
I completed it in just under 20 minutes

SATURDAY- rest  

 I found a 1000 workout on Pinterest:
100 Skipping Rope
100 Squats
100 Mountain climbers
100 Crunches
100 High knees
100 Half Cobra Push ups
100 Bridge Pulses
100 Jump Lunges
50 Jumping jacks
50 Plank twists
100 Plank Jacks
    Completed in 25:29 

Monday, December 3, 2012

No good excuses

For my absence..
  I’ve been busy, but not too much.. I’ve been exercising, but not enough.. I’ve been working, but not quite enough.. So instead of excuses, I’ll give you photos since last I checked in with a few words tossed in. I’ll start over fresh tomorrow…
 Thanksgiving Day

 Hydro pooped (after a very short (prob around a mile) long walk (it took us 45 minutes) My poor little guy
 Finishing touches. (Dad got us an early christmas present.. microwave/hood- still isn’t up but in the process!)
 Why does Hydro do this? (Ideas welcome)
 My dad is kind of a clown (guess we know where I get it from)
 Dinner with friends

 Hot/cold salads are the best
 So it broccoli and brown rice
 Hydro says.. I bet you can’t find me (please ignore the toilet)
    Such a goober
 Family traditions- making ornaments.. listening to christmas music.. and lot and lots of movies (and popcorn)

 My contributions 

 James’ contributions… He started with a wine cork and a pipe cleaner and ended up with a hand sewn santa.. that boy never ceases to amaze me.
 Homemade and amazing
 Merry and Bright! (this year we have 9 sets of lights on there.. You can see our tree from outer space I’m sure of it)