Wednesday, October 22, 2014


  Wow, I’m really awesome at that whole disappearing act huh? 
Yeah- it’s been 3 months, at least. The funny thing is that there isn’t really a whole lot to report. The summer months were stuffed with school stuff since I’m trying to get into a very competitive program, which I will be applying to in February. Here’s the deal- 24 people get into the Physical Therapist Assistant program a year- the odds are about 1:4- and while my grades are awesome, there is still no guarantee. 
So I pretty much have been killing myself to get perfect grades... Taking 3 summer classes was intense- completely fucking ridiculous. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I spent 10+ hours a day studying- tutored in the Anatomy lab twice a week, and I only worked 2 shifts a week at the restaurant. 
There really wasn’t time for much else, and when there was some free time, I couldn’t even stay awake.
 However, I got A’s in all three classes and I survived- if anything this schedule is a glimpse as to what it will be like when I get into the program.

We did manage to get a few fun outings in, including Waterfire with Tuna-moose

And an amazing weekend in New Hampshire with Mike’s family at an amazing house right on the lake

 Apparently one of the dudes from The Walking Dead had stayed there the week before we did!

Tuna-moose was finally able to meet Bentley- they play so well together- and he is super excited to have a built in buddy as you can see 


Exhausted Tuna

I finally got my Hydro tattoo worked on- sucked just as much as every other time!
So pretty and totally worth it!
 And I went back to my pink roots and got some piercings- because you only have one life and it is way too short to try to squeeze into the mold society wants to shove you into.  Fuck ordinary.

The fall semester came only 4 weeks after the summer semester ended... Not even close to enough time off from school. The first month of class was extremely rough- like make you cry alone in your car on the drive home- kind of rough.
 Good thing for best friends and new traditions- specifically Monday night hang outs which include wine and girly things like “Mint Mask Monday"

My new schedule leaves me with absolutely zero days off. I have class Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights- tutoring Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning- and work Friday night, Saturday double (Holla for 13 hour shifts!) and Sunday morning. The rest of the time is study time. 
It is completely exhausting- mentally, physically and emotionally. It took the first month just to be able to adjust- but now its just the way things are.
When things are completely out of control and also out of MY control, I start to unravel a bit. 
Because of my ADHD, I need things to be a certain way to keep my sanity. When your head is an unorganized mess on the reg, keeping things in your environment situated and "just so" is extremely important- at least for me. So things were really, really rough there for a bit. 
I’m working on learning how to deal with imperfection- but I’m a perfectionist- haha. 

So... not seeing Sammy was really getting to me. I think about Sammy every single day, and I miss him like crazy normally- but I literally NEEDED to see him. So I bit the bullet and reached out so I could see my little man for a few days. It was just what I needed. 
Sammy Snuggles! 
Plus he and Tuna had a great time being together again :)
Reunited and it feels so good! 

He stayed over for most of the week before I had to bring him back :( 
Hopefully, visitation will be a semi-regular occurrence because I need that mutt around! 

Mike and I got dressed up for Kristin’s wedding- which was absolutely beautiful! 

And in the same week, Paula and I went to visit Jen and Ryan in Salem. So much fun! 

Then it was back to reality.. Midterm exams!

I’m halfway through :)