Monday, April 28, 2014

Bullet points-

   Almost and entire month since last I posted- not for lack of things to write about.. it actually quite the opposite- an overwhelming amount of things I should spend some time reflecting on... I’m convinced that more has happened in the last 30 days than in the last year.. How is that even possible?  So I’m turning to bullet points because it’s kind of easier.. and I really can’t give of these things attention at this point that. 

-Quit my job at Dunkin Donuts :)
-Started working at The Tree House Tavern again- going back to beg for a job at the place where I met RHS was a low blow to the self esteem. But being the bigger person and moving forward always wins out. (Or so they keep telling me)  :(  (In the bathroom at the restaurant, lol)

-Studying for DAYS :/ At least it’s been sunny and warm enough to study outside a couple of times! :)

-Bull Testicle anyone? ;)

-100 on my Lab Practical :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
-92 on my Written Exam :)
-Runs with Tuna-Moose followed by “stretching” which is really TM just laying on my mat refusing to move :)


-Walks on the beach with Tuna-Moose :)

-Geek Glasses- and almost passing out during the glaucoma test. :/

- Tuna-moose finally learning how to be a proper co-pilot :)
-Dirty Heads concert with Mikey :)
-Wine and Cigar nights at the pond :)

-Picking up the last of the stuff at my house :(
-House closing canceled and pushed back :(
-Still haven’t closed on the house :( Set for April 30th as of today :)
-Easter worked- made shit money but ate AMAZING homemade coconut macaroons and drank an entire “coffee” of shots of espresso- the only way I can drink anything from Dunkin Donuts :)

-First holiday really alone :( but called James and met up for some drinks- so good to see him.. Made me think that there might still be hope that we will be friends someday.  :)

-Signed up for Summer and Fall classes :)
-My professor recommended me to be a tutor for anatomy :)
-Drank 3 million cups of coffee :)
-My roommate got accepted into a doctorate program :)!!!!!!!!!!
-She has to move to New Hampshire :(
-Fingers crossed that I find a new roommate so I can still live here, because I love it :)
-Rock climbing :)!!  

-The “other Tuna” making me smile when I’m sad or having a bad day :)

   Right now there are a lot of unknowns and when I really think about them, I’m completely overwhelmed. Learning to let go of control- I can not predict the future-  I can not will it to be the way I want it to be. I’m not exactly a "roll with the punches" kind of girl by nature. Freaking out about where I’m going to live, how much money I’m not making, will I have to give Tuna-moose away so I don’t have to live in my car? What he/she/they are doing and thinking.. What if I don’t get into the PTA program? What if my GPA from 10 years ago holds me back? What’s my plan B? The list goes on and on. And really- none of that is productive. I have allowed these questions, situations with friends, family, and whatever else distract me from what is really important. I need to re-focus on school- refocus on who I am and what I want. More importantly I need to be my own best friend. and keep aiming high..