Thursday, January 31, 2013

Training runs +quickie WOs+ foods of course :)

 Let’s get up to speed, shall we?
    TUESDAY- I headed to check off a training run.
  I find it really interesting that the training runs aren’t very long- or fast for that matter. I’m sure it is mostly due to the fact that I have months before the actual race day. It has been really nice to actually take it out slow- I think I might even be starting to like running :)
   Before my run (with Paula) we did some supersets- We had super limited time since she had to get to school..
-Military Press/ Bench press
-Tri extension/ Biceps curls
-Shoulder Raise (lateral)/Shoulder Raise (Front)
-Bent over rows
    Straight from the gym I dropped by Denny’s to see my old co-workers and have a couple cups of coffee
    I love the new place mats! It was nice to catch up with the girls- I need to stop by more often <3 p="">   Sometime later I reheated some Spicy Coconut soup for lunch, while I caught up on the Biggest Loser

    I just can’t help myself- I love this show! If only I could train with them.. I think it would be good fun.  Unfortunately, the fun couldn’t last all day.. I had some cleaning and other chores to get done. Around 4:30, my friend picked me up to go to Launch.. Launch is a trampoline park- which sounds super cool right?! To be honest.. I didn’t think it was all that great for adults- don’t get me wrong.. it was definitely fun and a workout- but I think I was expecting something a whole lot more epic. It was $14 for an hour to jump- so I would say it was a bit more money than I would be willing to spend. However I think it is a good option for parents to bring their kids there to get them up off the couch and moving.

WEDNESDAY- I woke up with a real kink in the neck- I’m not sure if it was from the workout or the jumping.. But I decided to skip out on going to the actual gym. Instead I ended up doing Zwow53 (I skipped the stretching in the video and just did all 4 rounds back to back) I finished in just over 8 minutes- and was sweaty! I love how these types of workouts.. I took some “progress” pics afterwards

 The weather was mild- so mild I walked the dog in my shorts!

 It made me feel like spring isn’t THAT far away.. (Don’t even look at the rest of the weeks temps.. we are just overlooking those)
    Paula and I met up for some afternoon coffee at Felicia's
   This was Reeses flavored coffee- the nice thing is that it was a brewed flavor.. not the super sugary flavor shots- It was pretty good.. but not my favorite.
    Later I decided to make some baby fritattas..

FYI- the muffin pan is STILL soaking.. these made a mess of the pan- but at least they taste great.. I probably should have lined the pan- oops. (Broccoli for me- Ham for the man)
   My favorite part of dinner? (super bright picture ahead)
Steamed kale with a good drizzle of Olive oil, salt, and raw pumpkin seeds- I’m not sure why I haven’t put pumpkin seeds on kale before.. Healthy fats and crunch for the win!
TODAY- I embarked on the Paleo, 2 ingredient pancakes

  (one banana and two whole eggs blended) They stuck to the pan- but it’s kind of my own fault for using the cast iron pan.. They don’t taste like regular pancakes (which I wasn’t expecting anyway) But they were pretty tasty
Especially with some butter, walnuts and coconut butter..
   I headed to the gym for a training run and then moved right on to this workout (My sister in law sent it my way. It is from

Warm up:
10 Walking Lunges
10 burpees
3 Rounds (1 minute per exercise)
-1 minute of mountain climbers
-1 minute deadlift with a row(weights)
-1 minute pliyo lunges
-1 minute squat with a press(weights)
-1 minute plank or bicycle crunches
-1 minute squat jumps

  I was red faced and super sweaty afterwards- but I felt really good :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Adventures in yogurt making + 50k +WO

I eat yogurt.. A lot. I think I’m making up for the vegan years (5 years!) That is a whole lot of lost time. .. and I truly love the stuff.. and cheese.. YUM.. Even though “it’s not optimal” according to most paleo folks- I’m  not giving it up again.. 
I try to make sure I buy Organic and full fat- but it gets pricey, especially if your a greek yogurt fan- I only eat the plain stuff, but it’s a pain in the bum to find one that matches the organic/full fat profile that doesn’t require me to take a loan out on my house… or try to sell my art. (On second thought- selling my art would cost me money.. ) 
So I finally decided- after going to WholeFoods where they didn’t have my yogurt.. again- that I was going to make my own.. and so I did.. I can’t tell you how idiot proof this is.. and I’m kind of mad that I didn’t try this sooner.. Not only does it taste the same (or better) than store bought, but it saves a ton of money!
I did what any good hippie kid with the internet would do.. I googled that shit and found THIS recipe/tutorial. The google gods were smiling on me.. and I have never been more grateful. 
So here we go..

#1 Get your supplies
-Two 1 quart glass jars (I got mine at Michaels for $2.29 each) along with another jar- which will hold the starter for future batches (I had a left over PB jar and lid)
 -1/2 gallon on milk (preferably organic and full fat- though you can use the milk of your choice)
-Store bought yogurt with LIVE and ACTIVE cultures (4 TBSP)
-A digital thermometer, a small cooler, and time :)

#2 Heat your milk to 180 degrees (this kills any lingering bacteria)
#3 allow your milk to cool to 110 degrees and then whisk in your starter yogurt (Make sure it’s really mixed in there good- use your guns!)
#4 pour milk/yogurt mixture into your jars and cover
*The small jar will be used for your next batch*
#4 heat some water to 120 degrees- meanwhile your going to put your jars into the small cooler. When the water is up to temperature you will pour the water into the cooler- you want the water level to be an inch or two below the lids. 
#5 Shut the cooler, and walk away- for 6 hours (you can test it after six hours for tartness- leaving it a bit longer if you like it sassy) 
#6 Place your yogurt in the fridge overnight. (if you want to eat some of it before this step- go for it.. I know waiting for 6 hours is super tough- especially if you have the patience of a toddler like I do.. But I will worn you- warm yogurt.. isn’t very good.. But knock yourself out)

#7 HURRAY!! Your yogurt is FINALLY ready to eat.. Unscrew the lid and look at its wonderfulness- Then take a scoop
At this point- you have regular, wonderful, full fat, organic yogurt.. YUM.. It’s good just like this.. BUT if you want to take it just one more step (and wait a couple more hours) you will have the most amazing greek yogurt of your life.. 

#8 (optional step) Scoop your yogurt into a fine mesh strainer which has been lined with two coffee filters or two layers of cheese cloth.. Put over a bowl, stick it in the fridge and walk away for 2-3 hours.  When you come back- you will be super excited! 

#9 The best part- You just saved yourself a BOATLOAD of money.. the milk was $3.79, the yogurt you already had (if you didn’t it probably cost a $1) and the Jars are a one time purchase.. and if you have some jars the you can reuse- even better..
 TWO quarts of Organic, Full Fat, Yogurt (or greek style which will be a little less than two quarts after it’s drained) for HALF price! 
PLUS your awesome for making your own yogurt.. That’s priceless (what am I saying.. You are already awesome.. )
**Thank you** 

Today marked a landmark for my little car
HOLD the phone.. I drove THAT much in just 3 years? I wish it was closer to 100,000.. I love road trips.. To think my little Carmine had just 4 miles when I got him.. <3 p="">

This morning my workout was super simple
Savage WO- run through 5 times
10 Jump Squats
10 Lateral lunges (each leg)
10 plank twisters
10 Jump lunges (each leg)

I followed it with a half hour walk  (I’m trying to incorporate more low intensity Cardio to off-set the training runs)

Hope your Monday was fantastic!
Have you ever made yogurt, Kefir, Komucha, or kim chi yourself?? Tell me about it!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Improvements in ADHD symptoms and the paleo-ish/ gluten free connection

Hey! What’s good? 
Oh you know, same old same old over here. 


BIG cups of coffee- A lot 

Providence Bruins game last night- free tickets!
I LOVE hockey.. nothing says fun quite like a bunch of heads hitting plexiglass and men beating each other up. Super excited to go to another free game on Sunday!

Woke up to more snow
Headed to the gym for a training run- only 50 more to go… 
No seriously.
I tossed in 12 wide grip pull ups and 50 pushups- done and done. 

 The husband is working overtime today- I have no work due to mandatory vacation and it’s cold.. which means I really have nothing to do but play with makeup and take pictures of myself.
 (Your welcome for the laugh)
 I wish I knew why the best pictures are the ones with stupid looks on my face.. 

So as you know I’ve been playing with a Paleo-ish, gluten free diet these last few weeks. Paleo-ish because I am still eating dairy since I only eat fish and eggs as protein sources (I’ve completely cut soy and all other legumes- sorry peanut butter.. I’ll always love you) . Overall I’ve been feeling pretty awesome.
Unexpectedly and totally by accident the lack of gluten and therefore less sugar/insulin in my system has been helping manage my ADHD symptoms. 
I noticed a difference after the first week but wasn’t sure if it was all in my head.. So I started googling. Countless articles popped up, but This one really resonated with me- and it is really worth a read if you or someone you know has ADD or ADHD.
Medication is helpful, but if you can achieve similar benefits without ingesting toxins, wouldn’t you?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FROZEN + Disappointments

Someday I’ll live in a wonderful place where I can skip winter.. At least the kind of winters where the temperature is in single digits..

Walking out the door this morning to go to the gym in 9 degrees was complete bull..  Good thing spring is only 57 days away.. Not that I’m counting or anything..
     Last night I went to to search out a new and presumably fun workout to do this morning.. I settled on Hells Bells- To be honest, I was expecting this to be a challenge.. but doable.. I was WRONG.. Sure everything started out ok- I was using a 25LB Dumbbell instead of a kettle bell (we don't have them at our gym) and I LOVE burpees.. but after 12 minutes, 150 of the 200 swings, and at least 80 burpees.. I felt like I was going to die.. Lungs burning, back muscles screaming, and a bruised wrist from catching the DB midair (I was switching from hand to hand since I can’t comfortably use both hands on the DB) Each minute I would get the burpees done and have just 20 or 30 seconds to get some swings in, and then it was time for burpees again.. I know I shouldn’t have given up, but I did. I’m definitely disappointed in myself… which gives me the motivation to try it again in the next couple of weeks to completion! And for those that can finish this in under 10 minutes, your my heroes..
    Needless to say I was super starved all day.. I guess I really got some good EPOC in!
Defrosted organic berry blend (Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries)
Fage 2% plain greek yogurt

    The last few days I’ve gotten a lot of my “Office work” done- making WOs for clients, getting my info over to some folks who are looking for fitness classes after work for employees.. I’ve been pretty on top of my shit lately, which comes as a surprise. I’m working on a new mantra.. Just do it now. So far it seems to be working! In the middle of working, I took a few minutes to make my toes look presentable again
   3 coats later- which should hopefully last me a couple of months like the last time ;)

Have you ever tried a workout from the GPP website? 
What are some of your favorite resources for new and challenging workouts? 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Highlights + Monday

 James cut his finger again earlier in the week and got 11 stitches. We had to go back to get it checked out- to make sure it was healing well (it is!) 

After dinner we headed out to play darts

 I even won a game :)

After work a couple of friends came over for a "pinkies up” wine and cheese party 
 White Truffle cheese, Goat cheese brie with gluten free crackers and (regular) mini toasts 

After 2 cups of coffee, it was workout time

100 Reps of each:
Jump Rope
Squat with Overhead press (50- my arms were dead after that) the other 50 weighted squats
Mountain climbers
Standing Front kicks. Alternating
High knees
Push ups
Bridge Pulses
Jump Lunges
Hover Jacks

After work, Dinner and a long walk in the cold- I came home and attempted to make Grain free Vanilla Coconut Roons. It started off good
 But unfortunately they didn’t hold together.. I even baked them longer to try drying them out.. Instead we decided to make “Granola"
 This stuff is good alone and on top yogurt+ banana+ Almond butter.. 

I met up with Paula for a little upper body WO and 10 rounds of sprints.
Post workout 
 The last piece of Paleo bread, (boo!) topped with an egg and a little cheddar cheese as I was running out the door for a little grocery shopping. The most exciting purchase
      46oz. of Franks= Love.

One of my students has a couple of injuries she is nursing- but really wanted to come to class tonight, so I made a class specifically with her in mind, which turned out to be killer.. and had to share

Warm up- 5 minutes 
Jog laps around room. Even 2 laps do the following:
20 Jumping Jacks
15 Mountain climbers
10 High knees
5 Squats

100 Alternating Front Kicks
100 Sumo Alternating side leg lifts (Stay low the whole time)
1 minute Mountain climbers
100 Leg Raises
:30 seconds Knee in Plank hold (Right)
1 minute Hollow body hold
:30 seconds Knee in Plank hold (Left)
100 Scissor kicks
50 Alternating Front Kicks
50 Sumo Alternating side leg lifts
50 Leg Raises
50 Scissors

Did you do any awesome WOs this weekend? Any good recipes??  

Friday, January 18, 2013

A new Purchase!

    I have issues with spending money, it stresses me out! Even when I have a stash of cash in my wallet saved from Christmas or my birthday- specifically for me to spend on myself.. it takes a while. I over think things, that’s just who I am. Well I finally broke down and bought myself something and I’m VERY excited about it!  Meet the Scrunchie Yoga Tote:
   I’ve always wanted a bag from Timbuk2- you know the crazy huge messenger bags that you can customize, and fit a toddlers bike into? I just always thought they were cool.. what the heck would I use a bag THAT big for though? This bag is is cute, and it can hold my yoga mat! (I never really take my yoga mat anywhere… but that’s besides the point) PLUS the bag was $40 off in the color below
SOLD! Now to wait 5-7 business days..
     Before I forget.. the finished product...

 (I know your were all waiting by your readers to see it.. )

    Yesterday I woke up bright eyed and ready to take on the world- even BEFORE I had coffee. I’m fairly certain it has to do with the change in my eating over the last week, and I’m loving it. After a smoothie, I headed out the gym
 Hello Planet Fitness… I jumped on the treadmill for a 25 minutes @ 6.2 mph pace, then lowered the speed and jacked up the incline for the last 10 mins, just to get the thighs burning. I moved on to a little upper body work- running through these exercises once:
-Bent over DB fly
-Up and overs
-Bench press
-Lateral shoulder raises
-Hammer curls
-Explosive pushups
    Refuel- steamed broccoli with olive oil, crushed red pepper, salt and garlic; cottage cheese (Do you like cottage cheese? I’m a big fan but almost everyone I know hates the stuff!)  
   I spent the rest of the morning dropping off some clothes to donation, post office, and making workouts for my client- I always give my clients homework and have started drawing stick figures to illustrate the movements- in case they forget
Plus they’re cute.. which means that the workout will be more fun :)
    Lunch was simple

Sweet potato with butter, Brussles sprouts sautéed with onions, and two hard boiled eggs
     With a little kick ass 
   During lunch I made plans for a quick afternoon walk to take advantage of the sunlight.. As it turns out it’s still cold in New England in January- despite Mr. Sun shining on you.. Its ok, it was still awesome. Nothing breaks up a day like some walking girl talk.
    The rest of the night was a blur. I trained with my client, ran home to eat (literally had 15 minutes!)
   ( Quinoa, Spinach, Avocado, Sunflower seeds and cheese.. Love those healthy fats ;)

Before running back out the door to teach yoga. Class was awesome-  I think I needed it just as much as my students. So much so that this morning I decided to take it back to the mat..
Just me, Rodney Yee and Alex Clare pandora station.. I realized that I have been practicing out of this book since February of 07.. (I taught myself yoga out of it- in fact I had never even been in a yoga class until day 1 of my teacher training!) Needless to say this book is well loved.. The pages are falling out and everything.. I was so in the yoga zone, I was even able to take savasana which I usually skip
 It felt really good to get in a good stretch- Afterwards I moved on to some breakfast
 Quinoa, flake coconut, honey and cinnamon- warmed and topped with Cottage cheese.. This was so good- which I wasn’t expecting.. Hurray for tossing random stuff together!
     On a serious note.. I got some mail
Haha.. Serious mustache!  Happy Friday Friends!