Monday, July 30, 2012

Anniversary weekend photo dump!

    This Saturday July 28, marked James and my 5 year wedding anniversary! (and 9 years together- since we got married on our dating anniversary) In the last year especially, we have really grown together, making us better than ever! We were pretty last minute about plans but were able to throw together a nice mini getaway.
    Check out this super cute card I found for him

     We decided to leave early Saturday morning to make our way up north to North Conway, NH. James asked me to marry him in the White Mountains at a waterfall called Silver Cascade and I just couldn’t wait to see it in the summer (He asked me to marry him in December). We made to the area right about 10:30 and were pretty hungry so we decided to stop at a local favorite for a little brunch

   We always eat at Peaches- super cute, friendly waitstaff and yummy food
    This time we had a minor snag- the waitress forgot to put our order in.. so it took way longer than it should have. At one point she brought us our bill asking how everything was and I panicked! “We didn’t even eat yet!” Ahh I was really starting to get a bit cranky because I need to eat like every 4 minutes.. but thankfully the food showed up 10 minutes later..
   Post nosh we headed right into the White Mountains for a little trip down memory lane.
We hiked to what we thought was the top (which as it turns out was only about halfway up- it’s a bike for sure!) and busted open a bottle of champagne, some chocolate and sat back to enjoy the view. The pictures do no justice to how amazing and high up it really was!
      We headed down the mountain and right over to get some ice cream
Homemade and probable the best pistachio ice cream I’ve ever had- There was also a scoop of cookie dough :)
   We went to check in at the hotel and spent some time hanging out around town. I bought a new pair of gym kicks that may be louder than I am..
   Headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up for dinner


Then headed our for another drink


    We got a great nights sleep and jumped right out of bed to get coffee and then breakfast

   It was a perfect little getaway :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

WO+ Focus+ Foods

      Holla happy Thursday- how did you manage the week so far? I’ve been working extra shifts at the toaster because a couple of the girls are on vacay.. so today was the day to catch up on some things I’ve been neglecting- rest, housecleaning, dishes, buying a gift for the husband (our 5th wedding anniversary is Saturday) and last but certainly the most important… Studying

    After weeks of trying to study for my CPT certification sans meds-without ANY success, I tried everything I could think of to be able to focus and nothing seemed to work.. so today,  I made the executive decision to take some Adderall. Back a couple months ago I stopped taking it daily since it was making me an emotional mess- and had stopped being effective.. I was told that I could take it as needed since then, but I was scared. In all honesty, taking it everyday changed me and I didn’t like it.         Taking it as I need it is completely different though, So now it is all about cramming 5 weeks worth of brand new material into two weeks, and using the following two weeks to study everything before the exam. Thankfully I have a months supply of the little blue pill- allowing me to go from 15 minutes of attention at a time to being to study for 2 entire hours.. Fingers crossed I can pull it together and do well on the exam.. 
      One thing I never have a hard time focusing on? Searching out new workouts
     And then actually doing them. (Well at least on of them so far) :)

      CF (Crossfit style) 10-1- Starting from the top, 10 reps; 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of Deadilfts, Bench Press, and Cleans for time.. I completed this workout in 12:53 using 50lbs. The 4 minute plank hold was done separately in the afternoon. Holy Guacamole! I don’t know if my hamstrings have ever been this sore before.
    When I woke up this morning I knew right away I needed to take it easy. I opted for yoga x2 (once at home and one teaching class) Hopefully the clean eats and stretching will heal me quickly.
      While out and about I lost track of time and was STARVED! Paula and I went to the local burrito joint and ordered up some taco style salads
 Yumm.. look at the cilantro and guac! Hit the spot :) also in the bowl- romaine, black beans, peppers and onions, tomatoes, and lots of hot sauce.
    Of course it wasn’t too long before dinner rolled around- we have very limited options since I refuse to go grocery shopping before we go away for a quick weekend anniversary celebration, but I was still able to whip up something good
 Lots of veggies and protein to fuel some teaching. Tonights class was so much fun, lots of laughing and muscle burn to go around! I’m exhausted- time for bed!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mustache+ WO+

 Whats going on friends?! Time for my weekly "wrap up a whole weekend in a kind of quick post”.. 
   I’ll warn ya, it was all about the parties this weekend! 
    James’ birthday party went off without a hitch! We have such a great time-  even though the weather decided to throw us for a loop and rain. Luckily I’m married to a handy kind of guy who was kind enough to set up a tarp over the whole deck so that our party could still happen outdoors- even though it was pouring on and off. .  We have a pretty small house, so it would have been tough to fit all of the guests comfortably. Even though James saved the night we still set up some old school entertainment in the living room in the form of Nintendo! See that whole box?

It is completely filled with games, but you know which game was played the most and later turned into a tournament… Tetris!  

James started the festivities early with a cigar in his birthday hat- he was a really good sport and wore it the whole night. Who am I kidding? He loved every minute of the attention! I found the hat- along with a green glass for him to drink out of at the dollar store.. That’s right, I’m that kind of classy. Oh yeah.. another thing we found…..

Finger mustache tattoos! Ok.. we got a little drunk and put them on our faces as a joke.. and then all the other girls at the party joined in.. Who knew a fake mustache could be so much fun? 

          Toward the end of the night (at least for me since I fell asleep at 11pm) I served up James’ only birthday request.. 
         Tiramisu! It was my first time making it- and he really loved it.. I thought it was good, I really loved the creamy layer but I had a bit problem with the soggy lady finger layer.. I’m totally a texture kind of girl, and it just wasn’t doing it for me.. But everyone loved it so that was all I cared about! 
   I’m so happy the party was a success- it was my first time throwing James and birthday party- and I was surprised by the amount of work and running around it came with- but it was so super happy about it, I would do it every year! Happy Birthday J!!
      Needless to say- I woke up with a hangover at 5AM. I stumbled to the bathroom for some advil and forced myself to get back to bed. I’m so glad I did, because by 9 I was feeling much better and was able to salvage the morning with a little breakfast and lots of coffee. Still the day went quickly, and before I knew it, it was time to head to our friends party.. it was a "pinkies up” kind of shindig and I didn’t want to be that wacko snapping photos- but I will say that there was an open bar lots of amazing (thankfully a lot of veg friendly) eats. 
 Sunday morning started with a little workout.. 
3 minute plank hold and ZWOW 22 (which took me 19:30) 
         Sweaty beast:
It was a fun and challenging workout..  4 burpees on every minute? LOVED it.. then again.. I’m a wacko and love burpees :)
    James and my dad headed to a Red Sox game and I headed to Paula’s house. We went to the pond for a little sun before heading out to her boyfriends parents house to use the pool and eat dinner (Actually I tried to leave but they FORCED me to stay.. like literally..) they were super plus they fed me wine all afternoon.. (like being held at gun point I tell ya, hah) We headed back to the pond- where James met up with us and we talked about the important things in life.. 
    This week, I’m working extra shifts since a couple girls are on vacation so I’m keeping workouts super short.. plus they have been proving to be more my speed these days.. I did a 3 minute plank plus ZWOW 26. I even managed to get to work showered and on time.. Work went quickly and before I knew it I was teaching.. Here’s the main part of class:

10 Burpees
(2 minute AMRAP) Scissor kicks 10/ Jump Squats 10
8 Burpees
(2 minute AMRAP) Reverse crunch 10/ Jump Lunges 10
6 Burpees
(2 minute AMRAP) Russian Twists 10/ Skaters 10
8 Burpees
(2 minute AMRAP) Push ups 10/ Mountain Climbers 10
10 Burpees

   They were not thrilled- again with the burpees.. At least I had fun :) and I got sweaty as well. Sweet!

   Today I tackled ZWOW 16 and managed 3 1/2 rounds in the 15 minutes- which means I was a tiny bit faster than Zuzana.. not too shabby :) 

Have you tried any of the ZWOWs? What did you think of them?