Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Highlights + Monday

 James cut his finger again earlier in the week and got 11 stitches. We had to go back to get it checked out- to make sure it was healing well (it is!) 

After dinner we headed out to play darts

 I even won a game :)

After work a couple of friends came over for a "pinkies up” wine and cheese party 
 White Truffle cheese, Goat cheese brie with gluten free crackers and (regular) mini toasts 

After 2 cups of coffee, it was workout time

100 Reps of each:
Jump Rope
Squat with Overhead press (50- my arms were dead after that) the other 50 weighted squats
Mountain climbers
Standing Front kicks. Alternating
High knees
Push ups
Bridge Pulses
Jump Lunges
Hover Jacks

After work, Dinner and a long walk in the cold- I came home and attempted to make Grain free Vanilla Coconut Roons. It started off good
 But unfortunately they didn’t hold together.. I even baked them longer to try drying them out.. Instead we decided to make “Granola"
 This stuff is good alone and on top yogurt+ banana+ Almond butter.. 

I met up with Paula for a little upper body WO and 10 rounds of sprints.
Post workout 
 The last piece of Paleo bread, (boo!) topped with an egg and a little cheddar cheese as I was running out the door for a little grocery shopping. The most exciting purchase
      46oz. of Franks= Love.

One of my students has a couple of injuries she is nursing- but really wanted to come to class tonight, so I made a class specifically with her in mind, which turned out to be killer.. and had to share

Warm up- 5 minutes 
Jog laps around room. Even 2 laps do the following:
20 Jumping Jacks
15 Mountain climbers
10 High knees
5 Squats

100 Alternating Front Kicks
100 Sumo Alternating side leg lifts (Stay low the whole time)
1 minute Mountain climbers
100 Leg Raises
:30 seconds Knee in Plank hold (Right)
1 minute Hollow body hold
:30 seconds Knee in Plank hold (Left)
100 Scissor kicks
50 Alternating Front Kicks
50 Sumo Alternating side leg lifts
50 Leg Raises
50 Scissors

Did you do any awesome WOs this weekend? Any good recipes??