Friday, June 29, 2012

Vega Smoothie Review

     When the nice people at Vega offered me a chance to review their new Energizing smoothies I was PUMPED! 

You all know how much I LOVE protein powders- I use them at least once, if not twice a day. Thankfully it only took a few days for these babies to come in, and as soon as they did I ripped right into one! 

       OK- really I had one a day until they were gone! But before we get into my opinions, check out the stellar nutritional stats:

Tropical Tango

       There is a method to my label reading madness- I’ve done it for years out of necessity in my vegan days, searching for animal products, and now just to make sure that there isn’t a bunch of crap in whatever it is I’m going to eat.    
     First thing I noticed right out of the gate was the small ingredient list. I can pronounce and even SPELL everything that goes into this product, which means I’m a happy girl! Beyond that I check the calories, fat, protein and sugar. For around 100 calories (each flavor varies sightly) I’m getting 10g of protein, with the fats and sugars around 1-2g a piece- In addition, I’m also getting 2 full servings of veggies, fiber, omegas, oh my! All of that is fine and great, but taste and texture is a huge part of the “Love a product so much that I buy it over and over” equation. 
       So here’s my thoughts-
    Across the board texture was smooth; they really mixed easily and didn’t have that chalky protein powder taste or texture. (I mixed all of them with water and a splash of milk and berries like I normally do.) 
     I’m HIGHLY recommending Choc-a-lot, Vanilla Almondilla, and Oh Natural. I will ABSOLUTELY be purchasing one of these in the very near future! All 3 of these flavors are brilliant so choosing just one at a time will be a challenge! I especially loved the Vanilla Almondilla for it’s uniqueness (at least in the protein world- it reminded me of almond biscotti!) 
   Personally I didn’t care for the Tropical Tango or the Bodacious Berry. I found the aftertaste that Stevia sometimes has really came through with these two, almost to a sickening degree. Keep in mind that I wouldn’t normally buy a protein in either one of these flavors to begin with because it’s just really not my thing. But looking back, I should have mixed these two with OJ, I think it would have been much better. 
     OVERALL- I think this is a great product and it totally passes the “Love the product, must buy over and over again” test! :)

 Thank you to Vega for sending samples! 

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