Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday means back at the gym

… After this weekend of birthday indulging I am getting back to the gym for sure.. Last week I only made it once but I did so home workouts instead- figuring that I need to switch it up as much as possible to confuse the muscles and to keep my brain satisfied. In combination with slowing my eating down I think I will start to get everything in balance.. So far eating slowly is still on track. I notice that I eat less and somehow manage to feel more satisfied than when I eat mindlessly and quickly. I think that it will continue to get easier the more time I focus on it just like anything else. But back to the working out..
    I started the morning with some Uddiyana Bandha which is great for abdominal toning and digestion- and helps release toxins (also known as the birthday bottle of tequila, hah) I snuggled up on the couch with my morning coffee and some blogs while I waited for my hunger to strike:

A bit more blog reading and Pintrest and was ready to tackle some Bodyrock action. I set fire to my abs- Here are my scores:
Sumo squat knee up- 26/25/26
Dive Bombers- 10/9/10
Step up left leg- 16/16/14
Step up right leg- 17/16/16
Knee raises- 17/19/17

Afterwards I headed to the gym to work on some cardio- 30 minutes on the Arc trainer on the “strength” program and I was a sweaty beast- so I headed home to hose myself off and get some errands done. Now that most of that stuff if accomplished- I’m going to get to work on one of the things that I never do… Create a workout schedule- it’s really time for me to get serious about getting in shape.. I feel as though I’ve been going around in a circle for a while and not getting the results that I want. Part of that is because I will do really well with working out- but I kind of tend to stick to the same sort of stuff- I have included weight training which I think will be key to my success but I want to get everything in order and make sure that I’m getting everything in..

Do you make workout schedules?

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