Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I’ve realized that I have been extremely neglectful to the blog. I know that it is a product of all of the changes going on. Sometimes its very easy to get stuck in the bottom of the barrel and feel sorry for yourself when things aren’t going the way you might hope. You forget to appreciate and acknowledge all of the little awesome things that happen in between. 
SO..with that being said, I’ve planned a little drive-by of some of the recent awesome-ness.

1. Amazing dinners
Mashed fingerling potatoes (with buttermilk- OMG), Braised pork chops with fresh sage, granny smith apples and red onions, and prosciutto (I have a love affair with salty pork products) wrapped asparagus

2. Rolling change.. ok, so rolling change for 2 hours isn’t exactly awesome.. But that’s how it goes when you work at Dunkin Donuts and make change tips.. having some money (And by some I mean barely enough), that’s awesome. 

3. Snacks on the go
 Everyone eats frozen raspberries out of the bag in the car, right?
No red dye #40 here
 And yes, I ate the whole bag in one sitting. 

4. Walks/Runs with my favorite mutt. This past week we did one of each. We ran 4 miles together around the neighborhood one day, and took a super long walk through Providence the next day.
 Needless to say, I succeeded in tiring him out

 5. Lamb
I can’t believe I was ever a vegan/vegetarian.. I kind of feel bad about eating animals sometimes, especially baby ones.. But my god, they just taste so good and make my body so very happy. 

6. The domestic man’s pizza crust.. This is the third time I’ve made this crust and I LOVE it. G even requested it… We made a pear, goat cheese, and prosciutto pizza and it was AMAZING!

7.Working out, HARD. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a little slacking in the workout department. It’s nice to work out like a beast, sweat your ass off, and be proud of yourself for working out even when you didn’t want to.  And hey, my body hasn’t completely turned into jello. 

8. Adorable Pitbulls dressed up ridiculously making me smile :)

9. Free coffee! As a pat on the back for hitting the gym so hard this morning, I decided to treat myself to a Starbucks coffee. I went through the drive-through and apparently they felt bad that it took so long and gave me the coffee on the house. 
 Not necessary, but appreciated!

10. Getting back to writing ;)

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