Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend +Wo

I was doing so good posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday… for a while.. 
It was is one of my “goals” for 2013.. 

Off to a good start (after I got over our alarm clock “Springing ahead” early again.. I’ve seen a lot of you 5AM)
 Sleeping puppies are the best kind of puppies. 
I took Friday off from WOs. Like usual, by the time I actually get to Friday, my body has had it.. Especially with all this running I’m not used to. Prior to starting my training for the half marathon- the most I ran was some HIIT sprints! (Well except for the few weeks I started to train for a half marathon and decided I was crazy to try training for my first half marathon in 6 weeks and gave up) 
I went to work- had two tables (which were bigger parties so I didn’t have that bad of a day money wise considering)
I got home a bit early and my dehydrated water kefir grains were in the mail box, Score!
James and I got some coffee, went to Target to buy Tuna a new toy (he and Sammy have torn through all the toys we bought them in less than two weeks- better the toys than my furniture!) and went to Wholefoods to figure out what to have for dinner since neither one of us had any ideas.. 
We managed to get out of there for $25- buying some stuff for dinner and the organic sugar and spring water I needed to rehydrate the kefir grains. 
Dinner was absolutely amazing..  
Oh Katie.. you made my weekend! 
This salad was so simple and amazing- I followed the recipe to the "T” and it was perfect. I must admit, bacon is pretty awesome. I don’t think recovering from vegan/vegetarian eating will be difficult after all. 

I wanted to get some movement in before work so I combined a couple of workouts I’ve seen around the blogs lately and was done in less than 20 minutes:

I started with This WO from the Twins
Followed by That workout from Tina
Ending with my own Pullup bar combo:
10 Pull Ups
10 Toes to the bar
10 Alt. hanging knees to opposite shoulder
10 alt. hanging flutter kicks

After work James and I went out to dinner at a local Sushi joint. We started with a drink
The best martini I have EVER had.. Ginger! 
And a couple of rolls
I had never had this one before.. and I definitely didn’t like it.. those little fish eggs are creepy when they pop in your mouth.. gross. I tried to swallow it as fast as I could!
Thankfully the other roll we got was amazing- the Russ roll- filled with asparagus, tuna and seaweed salad, and topped with salmon and spicy mayo.. Yum!
For my entree I got a sesame seared Tuna salad
It was really, really good- but I was disappointed that they put panko bread crumbs on it too since it didn’t say that on the menu- oh well.. I got over it.. 
Friends met us at our house for some Dance Central- I don’t know how I forgot to take pictures of that for you guys- its a shame.. you would have had quite the laugh!

Run day
After a shower, I went to an interview for a new yoga teaching position- I’m giving a free class this coming Sunday! 
Afterwards, we were supposed to go to this amazing Italian deli James has been dying to take me to. Unfortunately, they were closed- so we just headed to Providence and grabbed some food there. We spent the afternoon walking around and enjoying the sun before hitting the grocery store (again!) to grab some chicken soup fix-ins (James wasn’t feeling well so I made the soup with magical healing powers- totally worked BTW) The soup was awesome.. (the first time I’ve eaten chicken soup in like 8 years) and perfect for the sick boy and a night in with a couple of rented movies.. 

This mornings WO was upper body focused since my legs are feeling tired from the run and walk yesterday- and I wanted to save them for teaching class tonight which has a LOT of leg elements. I tossed together a 18 minute WO 

I had to go to my Lawyer’s office this morning- looks like we are getting closer to settling my case (against the Bank where I hurt my ankle falling into a hole in their parking lot) Fingers crossed we close this thing in the next month or so (it has only been 3 years!)
I also did a little meal prep
And a bunch of other boring stuff- like cleaning and laundry. What else are Monday’s for right??

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