Friday, May 4, 2012

Reading Material + Factoids

       Friday-Funday… Especially when 3 hours is spent studying:

     There was no shortage of stuff to take note about.. or to highlight. I studied so hard that I think I need corrective eye surgery and a total body massage from sitting in one twisted position for so long.
       After I peeled myself from the crevice of the Starbucks couch, I ate some lunch and met up with Paula to hit up the book store. I’ve decided that it would be really helpful to find a book that highlights the muscles used in stretches and exercises- and what better way to make a decision that steal some glances at the bookstore before actually purchasing one through Amazon?


Factoid Friday

  1.  I have the sense of humor of at 12 year old boy

      2. I’ve discovered that Nesquik syrup drizzled on plain greek yogurt, makes it feel like I’m eating an ice cream sundae… Especially delicious with peanut butter blob :)

    3. Men who swim have amazing bodies

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