Friday, March 9, 2012

Making some space, Lifting some weights, and Hitting the books- Hard + Factoid Friday

  Hey everyone! It’s FRIDAY! While I don’t have normal 9-5 Monday through Friday real job hours, I still appreciate a Friday. This week I really appreciate it because I have been studying my ass off; my eyeballs and brain feel like they might combust at any moment, while my note taking hand is stuck like Chandlers hand post Ms. Pac-man:

   But wait.. let me back up a couple days.. We have had a desk upstairs in the random unused space for a while now- something that I “Had to Have, I’ll put my computer there.. etc.” But the truth is that I really don’t generally like sitting at it.. I guess when I’m reading blogs or typing mine I gravitate towards a more comfy “creative” space like my bed or the couch. I blame it on my Macbook Pro for being so awesome and portable but really I just didn’t want to clear out the desk space to make it more welcoming. Now that I actually have to do “real” work and study like crazy I figured I needed a space that wasn’t already in use. James isn’t a fan of accidentally laying on pens, notebooks and the computer when he comes to bed. So after two days of bed studying- (the first day was productive, but the second day I fell asleep for over an hour, oops) I finally got annoyed enough to be proactive:

    We even made a special trip to buy a lamp because the overhead light isn’t bright enough for late night study sessions. Fantastic! I even studied there that very day and got some good work done, about 2 hours full. While I realize that doesn’t seem like a long time to most of you, it is an eternity for me. I don’t think I had ever studied for that long prior to treatment for ADHD. While I can feel and see a small difference I notice that its “magical attention powers” tend to wear off around 3pm.. and distractions and sleepiness hit me HARD.  Hopefully the doc can give me the “Instant release” version to take for the afternoons where I need the extra attention for studying.

     Paula and I are one day away from finishing up week 10 of Livefit trainer! I know I mentioned it a few days ago- but let me reiterate- this week has been tough. Sure the workouts are the same as last week, but both of us have felt like we are dragging ass. We pulled through though, and Paula even did all 30 minutes of the intervals at 5.5 today! (I do them at the recommended 8.0) I’m so proud- she really has come so far!

     After the gym I did a little stretchy stretch and cleaned up before head to Starbucks to study for 2 hours.. (this is one of the reasons I’m happy it’s Friday because I worked hard all week and now I can take the weekend off!)

    - My handwriting is all capital letters. I don’t know why or how this started, maybe I thought it was cool? I also write my letter “E” as a backwards 3.

    - I don’t like when my food touches on my plate, Ever. Most of the time I eat things separately out of bowls, kind of like courses. (I have gotten a lot better about this- it used to make me gag! -I’m kind of a nut job) And it really grosses me out when people mix corn in their mashed potatoes, bleh.

    - This made my day; I love my students and feel so lucky to be their teacher. Seriously girls your amazing. Most of the time I feel guilty because they totally teach me more than I teach them.
I found the pic! This is how I felt last night doing those one-legged chair things:). You are the BEST teacher! I love your classes! You're gonna be an awesome personal trainer.

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