Monday, March 19, 2012

Just In Case + Sweaty & Salad Beast

    It came to my attention that my video of handstand pushups wasn’t working.. How rude.. I have since fixed the problem and in case you missed it:

    Monday Monday… I can tell you this much, even though you are the only day without Cardio for the remained of Livefit.. you didn’t fail to make me a sweaty monster
 … G-ross.. I did the 4 round- 30 rep each circuit with 50 lb barbell. (Squats, leg press @100, Stiff legged dead lift, lunges and calf press @20 lbs)  Note: I went down 10 lbs in the calf press because last week my Achilles Tendon hated me for 3 days after- with the lighter weight I am pain free!
    After stretching/foam rolling, smoothie and shower, I headed to Starbucks for coffee/study time. I’m having a tough time with this section.. it is taking forever.. and I still have more pages left in the chapter! I hung out until 11- and headed out for my Doc appointment for my ADHD meds. We will be increasing my dosage and also adding a second dose of the Instant release variety around 2 or 3 pm. This dose will be optional depending on what I need to get done in the later part of the day.. I.E. if I need to study- teach- or otherwise be productive VS. down time or just hanging out.
    After my appointment I was starving and was really happy that I remembered to bring an apple for the short drive home.. just enough to wait for this beastly

(Romaine, Cukes, Carrot, Tomato, Roasted Brussel sprouts, olive and Artichokes)
(I also had plain greek yogurt on the side)

Now it’s time to prepare my class for 6! 

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