Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend in Review

I started the day off with a 45 minute Tuna walk around the hood before heading off to work. The place was DEAD.. I seriously waited on 3 of the 8 tables that came in all day, so I left early to hang out with James. We headed to Providence for a very chilly walk around the city with Tuna.. (We are trying to get him around as many people and places as possible to desensitize him since he is nervous of loud noises and such- plus as a “Pit Bull Mix” people are automatically going to be sketchy around him, and we want him to be used to that and change their skewed views on the breed with all of his smooches!)
By the time we got home he was pooped
Aren’t they cute together? Sammy totally loves him
(He jumped on the chair to lay next to him- which is basically the dog version of spitting in your palm and shaking)
We made some dinner before heading out to meet our friends for a drink. 
It was a nice low key night :)

I went to work- and ended my shift with a $10 tip on a $150 check- This is a table that I had to sing Happy Birthday to among other things and they didn’t even leave 10%.. So I asked them how my service was.. They said it was great, etc..  I just don’t get it.. Being a waitress really blows sometimes.

After work James and I walked Tuna to our friends’ house to see what they were up to. We decided to head over the the shoe store since I need to buy new running shoes and our friend Scott was in the market for some new shoes as well. 
I have been looking for new shoes for a while- but I have commitment issues.. especially when sneakers are over $100 a pair.. Eventually I settled on Brooks Pure Cadence2 
They are my first pair of minimal sneakers and was very excited except for the price.. $120- ouch.. Pretty sure my credit card is still crying.
After the shoe buying we came back to our place and played Uno.. 

I took my new kicks for their very first run
 If nothing else they look awesome and make me feel cool
Well so far so good! I could instantly tell the difference between these and the other shoes I was running in.  I think I like them ;)

We did some random stuff during the afternoon and then headed out to see Tenacious D
 “Balcony” is code word for the very last row of seats with noses bleeding- it didn’t matter it still rocked our socks off and we were excited about it
 The show started with Sasquatch playing a Bigfoot guitar and singing.. he was pretty awesome actually
 Followed by KG and Jack Black rockin’ the house.. super amazing and awesome :)

On the way home we grabbed a pint of Ben and Jerrys 
And proceeded to eat the entire pint between the two of us.. It was fantastic and I’m not the least bit ashamed :)

Morning walk the with The Big Tuna followed by a bunch of errands and house cleaning.
I checked the mail and found this
Apparently the folks at the vets office where Hydro was put to rest- took his foot prints and mailed them to us with a wonderful handwritten condolence message. I bawled the moment I saw it.. 
The funny thing was- as I was vacuuming earlier in the day, I was thinking of Hydro (and the fact that I will probably be vacuuming his hair up for the next 2 years) Man I miss his presence <3 nbsp="" p="">

The afternoon was a coffee date with James followed by a walk around the hood with my friend Laura and her dog.
Then off to teach- dinner and wine to end the night :) 

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