Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tuesday- Thursday + WO

I had a horrible run.. my legs felt like lead and I just didn’t want to be doing it.. I realize that there are going to be good run days and bad run days- so I just chalked it up to part of the process.  Needless to say, I got it done :) 

We have one of those satellite alarm clocks.. you know the ones that set the time for you? Yes- they are cool in theory except when the clock decided to “Spring ahead” a week early. James woke us up and did the normal coffee making.. but at 5AM instead of 6AM!  But once I’m awake- there is no going back. So instead, It was time to get a good home workout in. I based it on this workout with a couple modifications

Tabata #1 High knees
Tabata #2 Jumping Jacks
50 Air squats
25 Mountain climbers
50 Alternating Lunges
25 Jump squats
Tabata #3 Butt Kickers
Tabata #4 Star jumps
25 Pushups
50 Crunches
25 Diamond pushups
50 Hollow body rocks 
50 Woodchoppers (with 12 lb. Medicine ball)
50 Alt. Front kicks
The whole time I was working out I had a little buddy
 We did run into one little problem… 
Every time I tried to do a pushup he snuck his way under me.. Because you know pushups need to be more challenging right?! 
We ended up having a little mini training session in between pushups- trying to get him to lay down on a yoga towel next to me since he obviously wanted to stay close
Almost there…
Truth be told this lasted about 5 seconds before he got back up.. but it’s still progress!

Afterwards I attempting to make some Paleo Banana bread.. It really looked promising in the oven
If only it actually came out good. Actually it tasted really good but It wouldn’t cook in the middle- even though I had it in the oven for over an hour.. That’s what I get for thinking I could wing a recipe.  

Thursday (Today!)
This morning, Tuna left me a little present while I got ready for my run
 Isn’t that sweet? 
(The towel on the floor is from their breakfast- we feed the boys the BARF diet- you don’t want raw meat on your floor, blieve me! )

Pre-run fuel
Coconut Chia pudding with defrosted mixed berries
Almond butter
Coconut flakes

And then the run
Afterwards there was a mug of coffee the size of my head and snacks that didn’t hold me over.. so lunch followed soon after!

So tell me what have you been up to??
What are your experiences with good and bad runs?


  1. First time visitor... I LOVE the picture at the top of your blog. Also, your pup is adorable :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello! The header picture was taken on top of a mountain in New Hampshire :) (and Tuna said thanks for thinking he’s adorable!)

  2. First time visitor also... your puppies are cute! I made it all the way to Hydro's story and pictures. I had to get up and leave the computer several times so that I wouldn't cry in front of my kids. I can tell that you loved him and that he had a good life.

    1. Thank you for your kind words- though I’m sorry I made you a little weepy! Hydro was pretty much the love of my life (except for my husband of course) and I miss him so much everyday. I’m so glad you stopped by :)