Thursday, February 28, 2013

My stems are killing me

Hello, hello! 
The last few days have been full of puppy snuggles and adjustments as we get to know our new little friend
Tuna is definitely a sweetie.. But just like any puppy, he needs to be watched every second. For the most part he has been really good… and seems to be fitting into our home just fine.

I’ve been walking Tuna every morning around the neighborhood for 45 minutes- which is great for the low impact cardio I’ve been ignoring.

 Tuesdays are run days- I did 3 miles at 9:40 pace and then moved on to some upper body strength stuff.. Basically just did some biceps curls, triceps extensions, shoulder raises (front and lateral) rows, and flys. I totally spaced on marking down the specifics- but I felt it the next morning, so I guess it was effective enough!

I knew Wednesday was going to be a long day- and Paula and I only had 45 minutes so we did some leg stuff

Immediately after or workout, I headed out to give a Thai Massage. With Thai massage, you use your body to stretch another person- so its kind of a workout too! It took about 80 minutes- and believe it or not, I was actually sweating! 
I also had a client (who showed up 30 minutes late) which allowed me to do a little workout with the class that was going on.. The focus was squats- my legs were already burning from earlier in the day so this was super intense. After working out and the client, I also taught a 45 minute yoga class. Needless to say, my body was exhausted and I was VERY happy to drink a glass of wine to seal the day :)

Thursdays are run days too.. but first I walked Tuna as my warm up and then headed to the gym for some treadmill speed work 

This run was tough.. not because it was particularly fast (and definitely not fast compared to other bloggers and athletes! You guys are amazing) but because my legs hurt so badly from yesterday. I think the walk with Tuna really helped, but my legs were cramping durning the two “speedy” 8:12 minute miles. 
I came home and immediately chugged some Mocha Recovery milk. I used 3/4 cup of whole milk, 1 1/4 cup vanilla almond milk with 1 tbsp each of coffee syrup and ovaltine.. it was absolutely delicious!
I realize that most of you are probably not from Rhode Island- so you have absolutely no idea what coffee milk is.. or coffee syrup for that matter- Believe me, it’s delicious. Apparently coffee milk, and coffee ice cream are native to RI only? I dunno.. but you need to get on board. That coffee syrup is from Wholefoods- and doesn’t have any weird crap in it.. so you should totally run out to buy some now. 

I wish I could chill out on the couch for the rest of the day to rest my stems.. but I have to take Tuna to his first vet visit.. Followed by a client and teaching yoga tonight.. Hmmm.. I think I need to grab another bottle of wine ;) 

Have you ever had coffee milk or ice cream?
Do you like Ovaltine?
Are you training for any races?!

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