Sunday, March 25, 2012

Livefit Phase 3 COMPLETE! + Review and Photos

    I can’t even begin to tell you how proud of myself (and Paula of course) for finishing out this program. I have NEVER done any type of workout program like this in the past and I am very excited about the results; For me the body changes are important- of course- but more than that the unwavering discipline and dedication that I have found within myself. In just 3 short months I changed my body and my attitude about myself and my goals. I woke up at 5AM each and every single morning to get to the gym at 6AM; I didn’t miss a single workout; didn’t make a single excuse; didn’t tell myself I couldn’t do it… nope, none of that.. Somewhere mid-program I began to uncover this person I had buried beneath all of that self-doubt and bullshit- a person that helped someone else do the same thing and realize their potential (Though I believe that Paula taught me and gave me so much more)- a person that isn’t afraid to follow her dream, take a chance, and be fearless.

    Let’s get on with it shall we?
Pumped after the final workout

Had to share those hard earned sweat stains ;)
    The last workout of Livefit was an hour of cardio. Like the Saturday before, we decided to split it up into 20 minute sections. Treadmill/Arc Trainer/Treadmill.. I ran 15 minutes each time on the treadmill (spending the first five minutes walking at a fast pace to warm up my leggin’s ) The time flew by- which was impart I’m sure to the excitement of completion.. After a quick wipe down of the machines and a few fist pumps in the air- a couple high fives and a few heel kicks (ok.. I forgot the heel kicks.. Damn it!) we were done and enjoying the post workout glow… My husband is adorable and is taking me to pick out a pandora bead as a symbol of my accomplishment because he is so proud of me.. I almost cried.. He is the most supportive and amazing man a girl could ask for <3

    Finally- we get to the “after” photos.. Keep in mind (as always) that I’m no photographer, some pictures are a bit blurry.. and the composition is all wrong I’m sure.. and I’m in my undies- but you don’t care.. right?! 

  See Phase 1 and  Phase 2 for there complete reviews.. But lets check out this side by side…   

                    (Before)                              AND                   (After)

    Livefit Phase 3 was probably my favorite phase. I like jumping around the gym looking like a nut- I swear it makes other people laugh and lets face it it is so much more fun to be silly and have a great time while kicking ass and taking names. I was challenged for sure. The first two weeks were intense; with the combo of higher reps/plyo supersets, finished off with sprint intervals- I left the gym a sweaty mess each and every day. The last two weeks were circuit style with 30 reps per exercise on the leg day and 20 reps per exercise all other days- taking no rest until you finished all 6-8 exercises- rest for 3-5 minutes and repeat the whole thing 3-4 times; Then end that with 30-40 minutes of cardio with Saturdays being 1 hr cardio only days. I didn’t love the circuit style workouts on the days where we had to use multiple machines- which at our gym were scattered, making us take up the whole place-  but that was my only complaint was the inconvenience. 

    The Livefit program was AMAZING.. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about it. Yes there were days that we were at the gym for over 2 hours and that sucked; Yes there were times when I didn’t want to be on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes; Yes it was hard and I was sore a lot; But I LOVED every single minute-  and I will I’m sure do it again someday. 
      So Jamie Eason… Thanks so much for kicking my ass, being so sweet that I couldn’t have hated you even if I tried, and for being an amazing inspiration for me. 

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