Friday, March 23, 2012

Factoid Friday + What I’m doing after Livefit

   HEEEEEEYYYY kids! Happy Friday :) Today has really been the most productive day I’ve had in a while, which is the perfect way to start the weekend. I packed a whole lot in: Livefit workout (1 day left!!!) yoga/stretching, vacuumed the entire house (and I even used the little corner attachment- thats some serious vacuuming) Folded all of the laundry that had been sitting in the baskets for at least 4 days, washed all of the dirty stuff and hung it on the line to dry, dishes, went to the lawyer (I’m in litigations with the bank where I fell and busted up my ankle way back in Sept 2010- swollen foot picture coming your way) 

   We met to go over the demand letter- and I found out the total cost of all the medical bills- well over $19,000! I couldn’t believe it- just the Physical Therapy alone was $14,000 since I went for nearly 8 months.. Holy Moly.. Let’s hope I don’t end up having to pay for any of that. 
     After the lawyer I had lunch, fed the mutts and studied for 3 hours. It was about time to take a break and check in with you anyway.. so lets get to it!

Factoid Friday
 - I’m a thorough note taker. I took 16 pages- front and back of notes for just one chapter in the book. If I keep going at this rate I’ll go through all 100 sheets of the notebook in 5 chapters. 

- I have a ridiculously long tongue- Anyone else out there who can do this? 
(It only counts if you have big bug eyes at the same time)

- I can swim but I can’t float- at least not for more than 3 seconds before my ghetto booty  rock solid glutes pull me under. True story.

- I hate getting shots or getting blood taken.. Obviously I’m not afraid of needles- two tattoos and a billion piercings would have never happened otherwise. However the feeling of blood getting sucked out or injections pushed in makes me gag and freak. Eyebrow piercings do the same thing.. gross. 

Moving on.. 
    What the heck am I (and Paula- since she is my gym partner for life.. no options) going to do after Livefit Program is complete? 
    I have put off thinking about this for some time. I wanted to give all of my attention to the Livefit program instead of worrying about what my next step would be. Well for the last two weeks I’ve felt the pressure to figure it out- and also determine how long I would “rest” afterwards. 
    Now that we are 1 day away from completion I have mixed feelings- I’m pumped that I completed and that Paula stuck it out too.. Making this the first ever exercise program that I followed and completed! But I’m also bummed… it was a great run Jamie Eason.. (Phase 3 recap coming soon!)
    After doing some research and self-assesment I feel that the best thing for my body would be some rest. On top of all the workouts, I’ve been teaching multiple classes a week, studying like crazy (which is a ton of work for my brain.. meds or not)  and I have a job where I’m constantly on my feet, running around like a lunatic hoping no one throws pancakes at my head (it’s happened).
      James and I were talking about the amount of time I would take off from weight training- he suggested no less than a week.. and I thought- “A week? Your flippin’ crazy!” Paula and I talked about it too- and decided that we didn’t want to get out of the 6AM gym habit, but I still didn’t know how many days to take off or what we would actually do if we still showed up at 6AM every day. I came across this article The Importance of Rest, which made up my mind. First I was annoyed and ashamed that I have to admit to James that he was right.. but then I’m going to take a whole week off from weight training. I still plan on hitting the gym at 6AM- 6 days a week, but it will just be low impact cardio. 
     I’m still trying to decided which program will come next.. I’ll take suggestions!

How often do you take rest days? 
Hit me with a Friday Factoid about yourself… ready… go! 

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