Monday, February 27, 2012

Phase 2 in review..

    Phase 2 was fun.. there was some cardio.. there were some new weight training moves… there were some 2 hour workouts.. (ok maybe those got to be a bit much) but overall it was hard work! While I know that the cardio part is good for me, there were days when I really didn’t want to do it and the thought of mindlessly pounding away made me want to scream. But with the exception of a few days where I had to cut cardio short because I had to be at work… I made it happen.. Sometimes it wasn’t more than a fast paced walk- but the way I saw it.. it was better than nothing.. But about halfway through I started to get that motivation to start actually running (or more like jogging because I’m not really a runner) and I started to have a bit more fun with it.. Plus I knew that I was going to have to get ready for intervals in Phase 3. 
     I definitely had days where I felt “thick” like I wasn’t getting any results.. but I had read other peoples reviews and knew that some of them felt the same way. So I just kept my head up and kept trucking along.. (Paula who has been at a weight loss plateau since December and still needs to shed another 40 lbs- has definitely gotten smaller and we keep each other from going nuts about lack of results!) On to the photos! Phase 1 update in case you missed it! :)

 I have personally noticed my hip lines and area seems to be trimming out which makes me SUPER happy- I feel like this is one of my problem areas.

 And while I feel the difference in my legs (they feel like rocks or like a block of wood as Paula would say, lol)  and notice some more tone from mid-thigh down to my knee  I’m hoping that the upper thigh has more results by the end of phase 3.
 But hey.. I have thick legs.. that are short.. so they automatically look bigger anyway.. But I did squat 180lbs this phase!

   This was a weird way for me to show my arms and shoulders.. but I thought it was fun and I always notice how rocking they are when I’m practicing yoga- or should I say that I’m proud of them.. so I don’t sound like I’m super full of myself.. haha..

   Overall I’m super excited with the progress and while it might not be noticeable to others I can see it and feel it! My diet always needs work, but especially the last few weeks I’ve been really trying to eat as clean as I can (Except on Friday when I ate Ice cream as my appetizer to pizza for dinner. hahah ) but I would say that I’m eating 90% clean/10% what I want and I’m happy with that. This is the most balanced I have ever been with my diet and exercise and I am proud of myself for trying to maintain that balance!

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