Saturday, August 10, 2013

I gotta tell you something

Here’s the deal…

We need to talk.

I’ve started this post at least 10 times.. But every time I start.. it’s just too difficult to put into words. So this time, I’m getting straight to the point.. No “Fluff”

I’m getting divorced 

For the last 3-4 months, I’ve been doing my best to keep things to myself.. especially here. Which is why I haven’t been posting much and when I do it’s nothing of substance. Plus when your life consists of living out of a bag, not working out, eating shit food and drinking more than you should.. it’s not really something you “should" share. 
 (Purple Haze)
 (The Blue Mule)

But I’m a chronic truth teller… I just can’t help myself.
 So judge if you will.. 

James and I decided to get divorced BEFORE our trip.. Like a week before. It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing and the few people that knew of the situation thought we were crazy for still going on the trip.. (ok, maybe we were a little). Behind the scenes- we fought, cried, and talked A LOT. Things happen for a reason right? Right.  Feelings were hurt and trust broken on both sides… But being in each others lives as friends and family has always been #1 priority. (And don’t get my wrong, we still had a great time between all that stuff) 
Once we got back from our trip, things continued to be difficult for me as we transitioned. I stayed away from our house as much as possible because being in “Our House” was just too much. Eventually, I decided to move in with a friend and James offered to help me build the room (it was an unfinished basement- which I’m still about a week out from actually moving into)

There are these moments when everything makes so much sense.. but just as many where your left wondering WTF happened. It really is a roller coaster- but there are small steps that you eventually take that allow you to make progress in the whole moving forward process.. 
Lets just say that isn’t a pretty process. 
The good news is James and I are doing much better and hopefully will continue to do so. 
(ok, so now you know.. the cliff note version, which is plenty for now)

Since last time.. Tuna spent some time with my by the pool playing with Ryder
 And he actually stuck his head out of the window for the first time too!
 I’ve done a couple of runs.. with a little bit of hill stuff..
 I’ve definitely gained weight too… don’t judge me I’m working on it..
And even doing a little yoga alone- and started teaching a couple classes a week again.. literally going upside-down to change my perspective..

So here we go kiddies.. lets get back on track..

I even bought enough food for more than one meal! 
Things are looking up ;)

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  1. They can judge you all they want... but if I have to listen to it, I'll punch 'em in the face. :)