Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bacon+ Sushi+ Training starts+ Chocolate with wisdom

Scenes from the work weekend- I worked 26 hours and didn’t even make minimum wage.. (I’m talking $4.50 an hour) I just want to cry- rough. Sunday I didn’t have a single table, but I did see my co-worker break a fillet knife in half
 And the cook made me an awesome lunch
 (I obviously didn’t eat the bread) Oh BACON how I love you!! 

Monday, I was supposed to start training… but it was a LONG weekend… so bed seemed like a much better idea- and it was ;)  Eventually,  I got up and went out for breakfast. I totally didn’t know it was a holiday here in RI (VJ day) so it was packed and we had to wait 20 minutes to just sit down. So really it was more like an early lunch than breakfast- but again there was bacon there.. so it was all good. Hah. 
The rest of the afternoon we just hung out. I had plans to meet up with James for dinner- we have been getting together once a week just to stay in touch- and we settled on Sushi
 Seaweed salad and Shrimp Nime chow to start
 Along with 3 “Fancy” rolls to share. 
 From top to bottom- Russ Roll, Rainbow Roll, Indiana Roll. 
While it was good to hang out (we missed the last two weekends- we usually get breakfast) I realized we didn’t really have a whole lot to talk about. Weird. You’d think after 10 years of being in a relationship and being friends with someone… we would have, but mostly (to me anyway) it felt like there was a pink elephant in the room. And there is. There are a number of things that we just shouldn’t  and don't talk about- because one of us gets upset, then the other feeds off that, and well… then we fight. 
That almost happened. 
But before it escalated.. 
I left. 
I just can’t do this to myself anymore… And I’m starting to realize that hanging out every week may just be a bad idea… at least for now. 
So instead, there was Ben and Jerry’s, whipped cream and a movie- closing the night on a high note. 

This morning (Tuesday) it was time to get on the ball with training. I actually got up, had coffee and started running just before 8am.. That is really a huge deal for me these days.. since honestly I’ve been staying in bed well past 9:30 lately. 

We did 4 miles with a 9:25 average pace. 
Afterwards I drove to the house to take care of the boys and make an amazing paleo feast!
I snacked on a banana while I cooked too.
 Ground Turkey, onion and broccoli- cooked in coconut oil with some spices.. topped with an over easy eggy. Hot sauce liberally applied before stuffing my face.

After breakfast and a shower, I went too my new place to slap on the second coat of paint.
 It only took me a just over an hour- not too bad. One more coat to go!
Paula and I met up soon afterwards for some coffee and errands- I might have stolen a chocolate from her.. but at least I got a nice message
Thanks Dove.. I think I will

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