Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A few of my favorite things

I’m terrible about this whole updating thing.. 
But hey.. It’s all good- I actually smiled for one of my half marathon pictures

 Is it me, or does my head look way too small for my body?

I’ve been keeping in touch with a few of my favorite things.. Bacon, eggs, coffee...
 Coconut water WITH pulp (it’s the only way to go!)
 Especially when you have this cutie next to you
 How could you not love this face?
 I’m so happy this mutt came into my life <3 p="">

 My family is visiting from Arkansas.. Luke lost a tooth! 
 (Ok, maybe Uncle Jimmy pulled it out)

There is never too much avocado, or hot sauce… in case your wondering
Or, Afternoon coffee dates with your BFF- keeping me sane...
 Or, my dad being adorable- sending me pictures from his latest fishing trips.. I woke up at 6am to this picture..

 In reality.. there could be A LOT more time spent working out- but I did manage 3 workouts this week.. And I’ve been doing pretty good with my diet.. so I’ll call that a win.

 Hilarious license plates..
 Made much better by the pool
 Oh, Hey there delicious dinner….
 I spent the morning with this adorable kiddo.. (And the rest of the family) 
 Making a chalkboard sign for his birthday
 Good times.. I think I found myself a side job ;)

For dinner, I recreated a side dish I got at one of the BBQ joints we went to a while back.. Greens, bacon, and tomatoes
 Served with some rotisserie chicken.
 Perfect fuel for volleyball..

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