Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend Catch up with a couple of weenies

Good day Mates! I’m coming to you a bit late (Sorry!) How was the weekend? This was the last weekend of my mandatory vacation from work- So I tried to enjoy it to the fullest! I have so many pictures to share- so I’m going to keep words short. 

 Sweaty workout= super unflattering photo

 Homemade mixed berry yogurt, Almond butter, coconut flakes

 Visiting with My friend Meg and Phoebe 

Finally got around to making Cauliflower Pizza Crust
 It was surprisingly delicious! 
 Of course.. much better topped with Hot Sauce- It was very interesting.. it didn’t taste exactly like pizza crust.. but it didn’t taste like cauliflower.. James already requested it for dinner this coming week- WIN!
 (Gluten Free, Paleo-ish, Completely yummy!)
Watching SNL from the 90’s
 That shirt is priceless.. "I’m a little FaClempt.. talk amongst yourselves- I’ll give you a Taupic"
Getting coffee with my Christmas Giftcard- and it getting upgraded to the larger size for free
 Guess all that flirting with the barista has paid off! (I’m totally kidding)
I perfected and shared with James the 2 ingredient pancakes 
 Actually I modified it.. so it’s 3 ingredients.. 
 2 bananas
3 whole eggs
2 TBSP coconut flour
Blend, and cook over med-low heat in coconut oil
(Topped with melted coconut butter and chocolate chips- ok so the chips could have been left out.. but oh so yummy!)

 Lemon grilled Salmon, steamed broccoli, mashed tatters 

SQUOOSHY Faced Mutts 
 Big weenies 
 Hey.. I was talking about the car!
 Sunday Brunch- complete with bloody mary for him and mimosa for her
 “balance" the salad with some greek fries :) 

Getting my hands on a pair of compression sleeves FINALLY
 I stuck with a very subtle color
Super cheap organic wine from Trader Joes
 The husband taking my class!
 Today: 3 mile training run on the TM (the first with my sleeves) with snow greeting me as I left the gym- I also did a training run on Saturday too :)
 First day back to work at the restaurant.. trying to be better about packing lunches
Back to the real world! 

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