Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hey- get your heads out of the gutter! I’m talking about quickie workouts.. Honestly they are my most favorite-As you probably have figured out. Effective and done with little to no equipment. One of my classes each week if focused on this exact concept- so I like to play with different combos, incorporating some stuff I see on blogs, articles, Instagram, etc.. so I can keep the class interesting.
This week I got this great article from in my inbox and loved it. Fitting workouts into our lives doesn’t have to be a challenge- I’ll admit, when it’s winter- cold and gross, getting outside for a walk around the neighborhood is tough.. I find I have to bribe myself to get it in- “If you take the mutt for a walk.. you can have an afternoon coffee when you get back!” 
(I may have done this today)
After morning coffee I put off breakfast to do a “Quickie” Functional WO (inspired by the article) 
I warmed up with 5 minutes of non-stop Sun Salute A’s- before moving on the the workout above. In 15 minutes- I was warmed up, worked out, and sweaty
(I’m slightly obsessed with my compression sleeves- I’m going to need another pair!)

Post WO Breakfast was a “Quickie" stack of Paleo Pancakes
(ok.. not this exact stack.. but I was famished and ate this mornings version- which had sliced bananas, coconut butter and almond butter for toppings- before I could take a photo) 

I did a bunch of cleaning (having dogs makes your house a mess no matter how much you clean) followed by yogurt making, and an attempt at Chocolate coffee marshmallows from The girls at 
Unfortunately I don’t have a KitchenAid.. or a hand mixer- so I tried to use my broken bowled food processor- with the help of some wine to hold the bowl in place
I poured it in some molds and I’m hoping for the best!
And then there was a “Quickie" lunch
Hard boiled egg
Mozzarella Cheese
Olive oil

What have your recent “Quickies” been???

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