Thursday, January 31, 2013

Training runs +quickie WOs+ foods of course :)

 Let’s get up to speed, shall we?
    TUESDAY- I headed to check off a training run.
  I find it really interesting that the training runs aren’t very long- or fast for that matter. I’m sure it is mostly due to the fact that I have months before the actual race day. It has been really nice to actually take it out slow- I think I might even be starting to like running :)
   Before my run (with Paula) we did some supersets- We had super limited time since she had to get to school..
-Military Press/ Bench press
-Tri extension/ Biceps curls
-Shoulder Raise (lateral)/Shoulder Raise (Front)
-Bent over rows
    Straight from the gym I dropped by Denny’s to see my old co-workers and have a couple cups of coffee
    I love the new place mats! It was nice to catch up with the girls- I need to stop by more often <3 p="">   Sometime later I reheated some Spicy Coconut soup for lunch, while I caught up on the Biggest Loser

    I just can’t help myself- I love this show! If only I could train with them.. I think it would be good fun.  Unfortunately, the fun couldn’t last all day.. I had some cleaning and other chores to get done. Around 4:30, my friend picked me up to go to Launch.. Launch is a trampoline park- which sounds super cool right?! To be honest.. I didn’t think it was all that great for adults- don’t get me wrong.. it was definitely fun and a workout- but I think I was expecting something a whole lot more epic. It was $14 for an hour to jump- so I would say it was a bit more money than I would be willing to spend. However I think it is a good option for parents to bring their kids there to get them up off the couch and moving.

WEDNESDAY- I woke up with a real kink in the neck- I’m not sure if it was from the workout or the jumping.. But I decided to skip out on going to the actual gym. Instead I ended up doing Zwow53 (I skipped the stretching in the video and just did all 4 rounds back to back) I finished in just over 8 minutes- and was sweaty! I love how these types of workouts.. I took some “progress” pics afterwards

 The weather was mild- so mild I walked the dog in my shorts!

 It made me feel like spring isn’t THAT far away.. (Don’t even look at the rest of the weeks temps.. we are just overlooking those)
    Paula and I met up for some afternoon coffee at Felicia's
   This was Reeses flavored coffee- the nice thing is that it was a brewed flavor.. not the super sugary flavor shots- It was pretty good.. but not my favorite.
    Later I decided to make some baby fritattas..

FYI- the muffin pan is STILL soaking.. these made a mess of the pan- but at least they taste great.. I probably should have lined the pan- oops. (Broccoli for me- Ham for the man)
   My favorite part of dinner? (super bright picture ahead)
Steamed kale with a good drizzle of Olive oil, salt, and raw pumpkin seeds- I’m not sure why I haven’t put pumpkin seeds on kale before.. Healthy fats and crunch for the win!
TODAY- I embarked on the Paleo, 2 ingredient pancakes

  (one banana and two whole eggs blended) They stuck to the pan- but it’s kind of my own fault for using the cast iron pan.. They don’t taste like regular pancakes (which I wasn’t expecting anyway) But they were pretty tasty
Especially with some butter, walnuts and coconut butter..
   I headed to the gym for a training run and then moved right on to this workout (My sister in law sent it my way. It is from

Warm up:
10 Walking Lunges
10 burpees
3 Rounds (1 minute per exercise)
-1 minute of mountain climbers
-1 minute deadlift with a row(weights)
-1 minute pliyo lunges
-1 minute squat with a press(weights)
-1 minute plank or bicycle crunches
-1 minute squat jumps

  I was red faced and super sweaty afterwards- but I felt really good :)

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  1. I said it once and i'll say it again. LOOK at THOSE STRONG legs! Way to go lady!