Friday, January 18, 2013

A new Purchase!

    I have issues with spending money, it stresses me out! Even when I have a stash of cash in my wallet saved from Christmas or my birthday- specifically for me to spend on myself.. it takes a while. I over think things, that’s just who I am. Well I finally broke down and bought myself something and I’m VERY excited about it!  Meet the Scrunchie Yoga Tote:
   I’ve always wanted a bag from Timbuk2- you know the crazy huge messenger bags that you can customize, and fit a toddlers bike into? I just always thought they were cool.. what the heck would I use a bag THAT big for though? This bag is is cute, and it can hold my yoga mat! (I never really take my yoga mat anywhere… but that’s besides the point) PLUS the bag was $40 off in the color below
SOLD! Now to wait 5-7 business days..
     Before I forget.. the finished product...

 (I know your were all waiting by your readers to see it.. )

    Yesterday I woke up bright eyed and ready to take on the world- even BEFORE I had coffee. I’m fairly certain it has to do with the change in my eating over the last week, and I’m loving it. After a smoothie, I headed out the gym
 Hello Planet Fitness… I jumped on the treadmill for a 25 minutes @ 6.2 mph pace, then lowered the speed and jacked up the incline for the last 10 mins, just to get the thighs burning. I moved on to a little upper body work- running through these exercises once:
-Bent over DB fly
-Up and overs
-Bench press
-Lateral shoulder raises
-Hammer curls
-Explosive pushups
    Refuel- steamed broccoli with olive oil, crushed red pepper, salt and garlic; cottage cheese (Do you like cottage cheese? I’m a big fan but almost everyone I know hates the stuff!)  
   I spent the rest of the morning dropping off some clothes to donation, post office, and making workouts for my client- I always give my clients homework and have started drawing stick figures to illustrate the movements- in case they forget
Plus they’re cute.. which means that the workout will be more fun :)
    Lunch was simple

Sweet potato with butter, Brussles sprouts sautéed with onions, and two hard boiled eggs
     With a little kick ass 
   During lunch I made plans for a quick afternoon walk to take advantage of the sunlight.. As it turns out it’s still cold in New England in January- despite Mr. Sun shining on you.. Its ok, it was still awesome. Nothing breaks up a day like some walking girl talk.
    The rest of the night was a blur. I trained with my client, ran home to eat (literally had 15 minutes!)
   ( Quinoa, Spinach, Avocado, Sunflower seeds and cheese.. Love those healthy fats ;)

Before running back out the door to teach yoga. Class was awesome-  I think I needed it just as much as my students. So much so that this morning I decided to take it back to the mat..
Just me, Rodney Yee and Alex Clare pandora station.. I realized that I have been practicing out of this book since February of 07.. (I taught myself yoga out of it- in fact I had never even been in a yoga class until day 1 of my teacher training!) Needless to say this book is well loved.. The pages are falling out and everything.. I was so in the yoga zone, I was even able to take savasana which I usually skip
 It felt really good to get in a good stretch- Afterwards I moved on to some breakfast
 Quinoa, flake coconut, honey and cinnamon- warmed and topped with Cottage cheese.. This was so good- which I wasn’t expecting.. Hurray for tossing random stuff together!
     On a serious note.. I got some mail
Haha.. Serious mustache!  Happy Friday Friends! 

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