Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FROZEN + Disappointments

Someday I’ll live in a wonderful place where I can skip winter.. At least the kind of winters where the temperature is in single digits..

Walking out the door this morning to go to the gym in 9 degrees was complete bull..  Good thing spring is only 57 days away.. Not that I’m counting or anything..
     Last night I went to to search out a new and presumably fun workout to do this morning.. I settled on Hells Bells- To be honest, I was expecting this to be a challenge.. but doable.. I was WRONG.. Sure everything started out ok- I was using a 25LB Dumbbell instead of a kettle bell (we don't have them at our gym) and I LOVE burpees.. but after 12 minutes, 150 of the 200 swings, and at least 80 burpees.. I felt like I was going to die.. Lungs burning, back muscles screaming, and a bruised wrist from catching the DB midair (I was switching from hand to hand since I can’t comfortably use both hands on the DB) Each minute I would get the burpees done and have just 20 or 30 seconds to get some swings in, and then it was time for burpees again.. I know I shouldn’t have given up, but I did. I’m definitely disappointed in myself… which gives me the motivation to try it again in the next couple of weeks to completion! And for those that can finish this in under 10 minutes, your my heroes..
    Needless to say I was super starved all day.. I guess I really got some good EPOC in!
Defrosted organic berry blend (Blackberries, raspberries, strawberries)
Fage 2% plain greek yogurt

    The last few days I’ve gotten a lot of my “Office work” done- making WOs for clients, getting my info over to some folks who are looking for fitness classes after work for employees.. I’ve been pretty on top of my shit lately, which comes as a surprise. I’m working on a new mantra.. Just do it now. So far it seems to be working! In the middle of working, I took a few minutes to make my toes look presentable again
   3 coats later- which should hopefully last me a couple of months like the last time ;)

Have you ever tried a workout from the GPP website? 
What are some of your favorite resources for new and challenging workouts? 

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