Friday, January 11, 2013

Fish+ Foods+ Roons+ Buckets of yogurt

    Well Hello friends! How are you this fine Friday? I’ve been a super busy girl, but first lets catch up on the last few days! 
    As you know I’m reading The Primal Blueprint and have been sharing everything I’ve read with James.. I think he’s excited (because I’m going to incorporate some of the principles and fish more often in our diet) and a little scared that I’m going to make him eat Paleo, haha..  While I have no plans to make him eat a certain way, (or to become 100% Paleo myself) I am excited to be able to share more complete meals together- 
     That white blob on the plate would be fillet of sole.. It fell apart in the pan to plate transfer- but I assure you, it tasted a whole lot better than it looks. We sprinkled it with seasonings and pan fried it in coconut oil.. Yum and yum!
    I was super drained on Tuesday so I skipped out on the gym in the morning.. and focused on eating good food
 … Salad beast in your face! Eventually I met up for my first PT session with J.. We did weight, measurements and fit testing.. and even managed to squeeze in a little circuit at the end. I’m really looking forward to working together to meet her goals!

   Wednesday morning started with a little workout with Paula.. I focused on upper body with a little bit of ABS tossed in:

Run through each circuit 3 times- 15 reps per exercise- before moving on to the next
Circuit #1
-Skull Crushers
-Bench press
-Bench dips

-DB row
-Decline Pushups
-DB fly

Circuit #3
-Lat Pull Down
-Cable Row

Circuit #4
-Cable Wood Chop
-AB Pull down

   I had planned on going for a run outside that afternoon with James since it was supposed to be nice out.. But when he got home at 3:30 it was gray, cold and drizzling outside.. Bummer! At least I got some stretching in when I taught Yoga later that night.
    Yesterday was a crazy busy day.. I wasn’t planning on going to the gym in the morning- because I was again super tired (didn’t sleep well a couple nights this week) But then I got a text message from my friends saying she was at the gym.. and where was I? Opps.. I kind of forgot.. Luckily the gym is 4 minutes away.. and I was able to strap on my barney colors and get my butt there.
  I really wasn’t into it- I’ll be honest.. I half-heartedly went through some of the machines with her- which was fine.. I usually don’t care for them too much to begin with, so it was really more about me chatting with her and mindlessly going through the motions. After a half hour or so we decided to take it outside and walked around the surrounding neighborhood for about 45 minutes which was much more enjoyable!
   I got right to work as soon as I got home.. I wrote a review and got a bunch of paper work and workouts planned. I met up with J for our PT session for 5:30, got home at 6:40 and inhaled a salad and some eggs before rushing out the door for 7:00 to go teach yoga. By the time I got home at 9:00 I collapsed with a cup of tea before passing out on the couch.. James had to push me up the stairs to bed..

   Today was another busy day..
Wrapped bananas for smoothies (I buy them at a little grocery store nearby that reduces the price to nearly nothing once they have brown spots.. people don’t like them like this?)

   Made cashew butter for an upcoming Paleo bread
   Made the most amazing chocolate Macaroons

   (and I ate a bunch of them too!) So I had some green beans to even it out

     And I broke into the biggest bucket of yogurt I’ve ever bought!
   I have had Nancy’s products before.. and loved them- but I haven’t had this yogurt and I was super pumped to give it a try.. and No.. I don’t know what your talking about.. I didn’t open it up in the parking lot to steal a taste..  :)

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