Thursday, January 10, 2013

A back story + Product Review: Vega Vibrancy Bars!

   A couple of summers ago I drove across the country (in my little two door Toyota Yaris) with a fellow Yogaslacker to Wanderlust (Wanderlust is a yoga and music festival) to teach slacklining
     Minus the glass of wine of course! We didn't get paid in cash, but were able to attend the concerts and classes and have a place to stay in exchange for teaching folks how to slackline.. Not a bad deal right?  ( Yogaslackers are a crazy bunch of extreme athletes that do everything from slacklining and acroyoga, to adventure races and everything in between..  ) We also took the unsuspecting students through conditioning
  and worked on our own tricks…
     It truly was an amazing time.. but I had very little money- most of which was used for gas… and we were on the road for 21 days.. We were literally living off protein bars, (Luna, raw revolution, Bonk Bars to name a few) and random meals that friendly folks offered up. Thank you friends!
     What I mean to say is, I know my protein bars! I ate so many of them that summer- I couldn’t eat another one for months. But the truth is.. I really love them.. Call me weird, but I dig the texture, taste and portability. A couple of months ago I was sent a sample of Vega Vibrancy Bars to review..
      An amazing sample! Boxes of all three flavors- Wholesome Original, Chocolate Decadence, and Berry Bliss. All three flavors are gluten free and both the original and berry flavors are dairy and soy free as well!  I’ve reviewed vega products before, so I had no doubt that these bars would be amazing.. and just like the protein powders the nutrition and ingredients were impeccable:

  Ingredients: Sprouted whole grain brown rice protein, inulin (from chicory root), dates, organic agave nectar, raw almonds, organic sprouted buckwheat, almond butter, dried apples, hemp seeds, Vega SaviSeed (sacha inchi) oil, white chia seeds, brown rice crisps, natural vanilla flavor, sea salt.
The goods  Awesome:
- I can pronounce every single ingredient
- You can actually see WHOLE chia seeds, almonds, berries, buckwheat.. etc
- The texture is dense and diverse- with crunchy and soft blending together well. Not sticky or similar to modeling clay like some bars! 
-Vegan and gluten free
- Not too sweet or overly flavored. 
- Not too calorically dense.. The perfect pre or post workout fuel and snack size.
- They never bothered my stomach and kept me satiated for hours! 

 The not so good:
   To be honest.. the only thing I can put in this column is price. Using quality ingredients comes at a cost for sure, we all know that.  These bars are almost $3 a piece. To be fair, any quality bars out there are in the same price range so I don’t hold it against them. 
         My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Decadence, but all three flavors are awesome and worth a try.

Thank you Vega and Katie at Crier Communications!!  

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