Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Yumday!

    The weekend highlights:
          The sunday morning workout- 14 minutes long- 50 seconds work/10 seconds rest
        After work we took Hydro with us for a walk around Providence. The weather was mild and perfect, nothing but smiles over here
       We walked past RISD Museum of Art- out front there was a flashing sign that read “NAKED ARTIST INSIDE"
  (I realize you can’t see the words.. but believe me I couldn’t make this shit up, lol) I tried sneaking a peak through the glass… but I couldn’t see anything.. Damn- at least we had a good laugh!

    Today started off with a leg workout. I started with a 15 minute walk on the treadmill followed by 3 mini circuits (Each circuit 12 reps- 3 times through):

Split squats- 12 each leg (15lb DB)
Deadlifts- 40lbs
Good Mornings- 40 lbs

Step up to balance- 12 each leg (15lb DB)
Goblet squats- 50lbs
Jump squats

Curtsy Lunge alternating
Jump Lunge alternating
Side Lunge alternating

          I hooked up an omelet as soon as I walked through the door 
  3 whole eggs
Onions + shrooms
     It was still missing something…
    Ah.. a blanket of hot sauce.. that’s much, much better :)
   I did a bunch of boring errands, visited my Aunt who is unfortunately in the hospital (don’t worry she’s going to be ok, thankfully) and ran to Paula’s house to borrow her hand mixer so I could make the Paleo bread I talked about
   Can I tell you that this loaf does not disappoint! I scoped the recipe earlier in the week over at Click there. Make this recipe. Don’t think twice about it..  (James loved it.. I had to remind him that the main ingredient is cashew butter therefore a little pricey- also known as.. “please don’t eat it all on me” haha)
        While the bread was in the over I got started on the soup that I brainstormed this morning
     I love when ideas come to fruition and blow your pants off.. Ok, so my pants didn’t actually blow off.. but I did eat two huge bowls, and stole more bites less than half and hour later..
Onions, garlic, anchovies, carrots, celery, potato, sweet potato, red bell pepper, kale, COCOnut milk, and Thai red curry paste.. along with random shakes of spices..  
    It came out great, but not perfect- I’m going to keep working on it for ya ;) 

Happy Monday! 

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