Monday, January 7, 2013

Exciting things

     -A new client.. The first of the new year! My friend Jackie contacted me about getting in on some PTing and I’m super pumped.. We start our journey tomorrow!

    - Friday night James and I met up with our friends to see a comedy show. While we waited for them to finish dinner and meet up, we headed to the book store so I could check out The Primal Blueprint
   While I’m not paleo- not even close as a vegetarian- I really have been interested in the concepts.. Eating real foods, Eating good fats often, Getting lots of sunlight, Getting lots of playtime and pushing yourself hard (for short bouts) balanced out with low-moderate cardio. I’m excited to get deeper into the book and I will definitely share my opinion :)

- Exciting for Hydro (and Sammy when Hydro shares- since he has staked his claim) We were handed down this recliner chair- which if you can believe it is 15 years old- that James picked up while I was at work on Saturday.. Hydro is in love and has lived in it since.

-It was still sunny when I got out of work on Sunday which we took advantage of with a nice walk around the neighborhood with Hydro.. Sammy doesn’t get to go on walks because he is TERRIBLE on a leash and  really prefers to run free (which we can’t do in our area) so James gave him some extra snuggles to make up for it..
    My dogs are seriously spoiled!

- Monday morning workout- 
      3 Mile run
Superset 1 3x12: Single leg deadlift (12 reps each leg)/Squat- curl to press
     10 Burpees
Superset 2 3x12: Lunge back & Overhead Tri extension/ Jump Lunges
     10 Burpees
Leg press 3x12


   The rest of the day was dedicated to class and client prep and household errands..  along with some snackables
    Terrible picture.. but you’ve been around long enough to know I’m not a photographer, haha..
  In there- Quinoa, toasted almonds, crasins, coconut flakes all topped with coconut butter.. Looks gross but it’s fabulous :)

What are your exciting things?? 

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