Friday, January 4, 2013

Dance in the Rain+ Hydro Update+ WO+ eats

  Hello Friends!! The weekend is here which is the end of the work week for most and the start of the work “week” for others (Me!) Since I work Saturday and Sunday, I try to make the most of Fridays. 
  I finally got this wall decal in and up on the wall and I just love it.. Have you used these wall decals? Super easy to apply and they look awesome.. I’m searching (and saving money) for a larger tree design for our dining room.
   Since last I checked in I mentioned Hydro’s Appointment at a new vet for one more opinion on his condition.. Well we made the half hour drive yesterday
  The doctor spent an hour with us.. going through his records, and his person extensively.. Well.. The final word.. Hydro has BRAIN DAMAGE from the UNNECESSARY surgery we were told he needed 7 months ago. (If your new here… we were told Hydro had a double hernia when in fact he didn’t and never recovered post op) Without further expensive testing.. (which can do nothing to reverse what is wrong) the conclusion is that he either had an adverse reaction from the drugs used to knock him out for the surgery.. or there was a lack of oxygen during the surgery.
      Either way.. Hydro is never going to recover.. The GOOD NEWS is he is in tip top physical shape.. he isn’t in any pain! Now that we are sure of his condition we can rest easy knowing that we are doing everything we can to take care of him.. and that he isn’t suffering- so we can just continue to smother him with lots of love and care.. A BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Serra!

     Before the Vet visit.. I headed over to the gym for a little run
    And a bit of AB work:
50 Roman Chair leg lifts
50 Decline Sit ups with 25lbs
20 Russian Twist with 25lbs
3x20 Side Bends with 20lb DB
 I also taught 1 hour of yoga later in the evening with an amazing group of woman..

   This morning I actually woke up with a bunch of energy.. James and I have coffee in bed every morning (He gets up a little earlier than I do, makes the coffee and brings it up to wake me up.. He’s the best!) Well this morning we had a little blip in the plan.. One of the coffee cups fell off of our headboard and all over us and the bed and blankets! You never seen two people jump out of bed so fast! Guess we won’t be doing that anymore, haha. Well at least it started with a laugh!
   Anyway, I made our breakfast smoothies and suited up for the gym.. I kept it super simple today:

-4x6 Clean and Press @ 60 lbs
-50 Wide Grip pull ups (25 lbs assistance)
-25 Underhand pull ups (25 lbs assistance)
-50 Dips (25 lbs assistance)
     I left the gym, went home and leashed up Hydro for a nice (and VERY cold) walk around the neighborhood. I’m going to make this a more regular thing (I was afraid to push him since we thought he was in pain..) It was REALLY COLD- check out the red ears and nose!

    I was famished so I went right to work in the kitchen..  I tried my hand at a version of Tina’s Microwave Paleo English Muffin. I don’t have almond meal in the house, so I used a blend of coconut flour and ground golden flaxseeds, which worked out well!
   I filled it with two eggs cooked over easy in coconut oil and a bit of Frank’s Wing Hot Sauce.. Yum, Yum, and Yum!
   I will be making this again for sure.. It was quick and easy! 
         Afterwards I met up with my friend Melinda for some coffee and catching up.. and more than three hours later I came home starved… Real food for the win!
What’s your favorite real foods??

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