Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Edition- Back half

    Just like that, POOF! The weekend is over. It has definitely been a full one.
    Getting up this morning was tough, knowing I would have to work all day, but coffee got me through! The day went by pretty quickly, as most weekend shifts tend to do. Your waiting on so many customers everything is pretty much a blur and before you know it, you get to go home an hour earlier than expected, SCORE!
   Straight from work I hunkered down with my text book and lots more post its
 It may be getting a bit out of control. With less than 3 weeks left, I’m starting to really freak out.. I’m not gonna lie.. I’m just working hard and hoping I pull through.. I got in a good 2 hour session, which I considered a success.. Especially after working all day.
   Afterwards I was so mentally exhausted I knew I needed to blow off some steam. I decided to get a bit sweaty with a little workout..
   I completed a 5 minute plank hold and ZWOW 28 for a total of 15 minutes I was out of breath and sweating my ass off.. It felt great and was just what I needed to decompress.
   I jumped in the shower only to get sweaty a few minutes later cleaning our spare room or what we call the yoga room. A few friends are staying for a couple days so I wanted to make sure it was spic and span before making them sleep on the floor. Ok, they actually will have a thai massage mat (which is similar to a futon mattress to sleep on,  but it will be on the floor either way) Man cleaning is hard work and I was starved by the time I finished.
    Our friends came by for dinner and it was the perfect way to end the weekend..

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