Friday, August 10, 2012

WSC+WO+shopping in the kids section

 I’ve started this post about 5 times, and each time I barely type a sentence or two and I have to do something else.. With friends staying with us Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights- it has been a whirlwind and our schedules have been a bit different than usual. Now that we have the house back to ourselves, I’ve caught up on things and I can finally sit down and get this post out!   

Let’s start with the WOs for this week:  
 When I saw this Cross fit challenge over at petiteathleat I knew I had to do it

    I caught wind of it a bit early, but started to incorporate it into my workouts Monday morning.

Here’s the week in WOs:

Plank 2x2m
Bridge Lifts 2x20
Side Plank 4x30s
Circuit-2 rounds, 15 reps per exercise
-Single-leg DB curl
-Lunge back w/OH press
-Step-up to balance 
Arc trainer- 30m
CF- 7 rounds AMRAP
-7 Squats (I used 60lbs)
-7 Burpees
Completed in 7:40
Thursday WSC- 240@12lbs
Plank 5m
Medicine Ball Circuit- 3 rounds
-Big Circles- 10 clockwise & 10 counterclockwise
-Wood Chopper- 20
-Standing Russian Twist- 20
-Squat to OH press-20
-Rest 60s
Gina’s Tabata Thursday

    Today’s workout was a KILLER.. it took me about 45 minutes to complete everything and I needed a towel nearby the entire time.. My shoulders hurt already.. Who knew that a medicine ball could be so much fun? :)
  I’ve had the medicine ball for 2 days and I already have a funny story for ya.. I posted this picture on my Facebook- of which I have students as “friends” and about 5 minutes after posting it I received multiple messages begging me please DO NOT to bring it to class (mind you I teach a yoga class on Thursday, ha) In case you didn’t know, my students think I’m really mean for pushing them so much- Hey, isn’t that what you come here for? :) 

WARNING! TMI coming your way.. About the WSC (weighted sit-up challenge)- I basically have road rash at the very top of my butt crack.. Seriously-  I’m going to go on a limb here and say that the sit-ups aren’t the real challenge.. it’s trying not to wince every time you sit-up! 
   A+D has been a lifesaver.. lol
   I don’t know if anyone else out there has this problem.. But I am not so blessed in the boob area.. Personally I’m cool with it. I can’t imagine getting a black eye every time I do a jumping jack or having to strap them down to go for a run. However, even when your president of the IBTC, you need to have a sports bra- if only to keep things family friendly. So while on a run to Target, I went to the “Active wear” section to pick up a couple. But then, inspiration struck.. and the next thing I knew, I was buying bras from the little girls section..    
       I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner.. Not only do they fit me better and they were $7! I had to stop myself from buying one in every color..  Sometimes being smaller has its advantages :)

     Food has been pretty low maintenance these days 
 Except for this Pina Colada post-workout smoothie from last months Oxygen
It was TOTALLY worth the work.. 
   Speaking of work.. I’ve been hard at it
 That’s over 300 terms on flashcards.. I scheduled my test date this week.. Aug 24th- just two weeks from today.. I’ve been working really hard and I’m hoping it will pay off :)
    I leave you with a fond farewell from my boys

We are out of here! 
Happy Weekend! 

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