Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weekend edition- the front half

   Hey guys! Hope your enjoying your Saturday :) So far we have been relaxing and I’ve been catching up on some homework. Not exactly what I want to be doing on a Saturday, but it’s crunch time and I’m doing my best to stay on task!
   Before study time, there was coffee and Sopranos- I was hoping to catch some Olympic action- but it hadn’t started yet, boo! I made some pancakes for James

   And ate my usual- Greek yogurt, ground flax seeds, banana and PB2- of which I used the last of the 3 jars I bought and hoarded from my visit to NC. My house is officially nut butter free as of this breakfast.. I might go into shock if I don’t restock soon..
   Once fed we let everything digest before moving our living room furniture out of the way and tackling Julie’s Sunrise Circuit. This workout was awesome, I loved doing the core workout in between each circuit. I did change the amount of rest between each exercise within each circuit to 5 seconds instead of 15 because I really wanted to keep our heart rates HIGH. I’m pretty sure James had no idea what was coming to him, but he was a good sport anyway :)
    I showered, got ready and hung around for a bit before I realized that it was already lunch time and if I was going to study today, I was going to have to get it done soon. I made a quick lunch with a salad the size of my head and some Lupini Beans..
   WHAT?!? You don’t know what Lupini Beans are?! If there are any Italian kids out there, you might know what I’m talking about.. But for the rest of you guys
     These little yellow beans are prepared and sit in a salty brine.. The stats aren’t too shabby
  (Incase you can’t see it- 1/4 cup has only 30 calories and 3g of protein and fiber!) Obviously they do contain a bit of salt, but they are so yummy and addicting that I don’t worry about it.
   They are similar to a soybean pod in a way (But you don’t have to cook them).. See they have an inedible skin on them
     So to eat them, you just put the little "belly button” side in your mouth and pinch the opposite side, making the bean pop out- You should totally give them a try, they are usually in the “Italian” section at the grocery store :)
   Yeah I totally killed the rest of the jar- at least it was less than half full.
   I did the studying thang for over 2 hours and I’m feeling pretty good about the pace I’ve been at.. Looks like I’m going to finish in time after all :)

Now lets back track a bit to last night.. 

   My friend and neighbor was hosting an adult toy party.. You know the ones..
   It was good fun.. But the highlight for me were the jello shots..
     They were made in orange peels! My yoga boss and I were really loving them
 Between her, Carla and myself.. the aftermath..
   They were just too good :)

Ever been to one of these parties?

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