Friday, August 3, 2012

Things I love +WOs

   -Watermelon- one of my favorite fruits.. so much that I literally attempted to live off it a couple summers ago during my raw food phase- I can’t even express or comprehend how many pounds of the stuff I ate.. 
   As it turns out raw food diet and Coco- not so much.. BUT I still love watermelon and can house it like a champ.
     -Studying.. I don’t love that.. however I do love whoever invented a Post-it…
   Organized chaos I tell ya :)

   -The boys.. How can you not love them? Oh yeah.. except when you have to vacuum up a fur ball the size of a small child every other day..

   -WOs.. I almost always love em. Maybe not while I’m huffing and puffing or drowning in a pool of my own sweat.. I’m still on the kick of “QDs” or Quick and Dirties..

Monday:  “Sharon”= 21-15-9 reps of Clean (50lbs) sit-ups and Dips (Completed in 7:04), 1/2 hr of treadmill sprints and teaching my class..

Tuesday: Squats @50 lbs/push ups… 100/15; 75/15; 50/15; 25/15 (Completed in 12:54), Taught yoga

Wednesday: Circuit Bi’s, Tri’s and belly 12 reps repeated 3x through (unless otherwise noted):
Bicep curl
OH tricep extension
Lateral Raise
From raise
v up crunches 20
reverse crunch 20
1 minute plank

Thursday: 2 minute plank + teaching yoga.. My legs KILLED which made me skip the gym and stretch..

Friday: At home Cross Fit

What where your workouts this week?
Any big plans for the weekend ahead?

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