Monday, June 18, 2012

Fitness Bucket List + Swim + Photo Droppings

       If your anything like me, you love a challenge. Some of my better qualities are determination and dedication, of which I seem to have an overabundance of.. so I’m always looking for something new to work towards and keep these things in check. Like a lot of you I have a fitness bucket list and I thought it was about time I shared some of it!
  • Swim once again a 50 meter freestyle in 0:26 secs flat and 100 meter freestyle in 1:01 mins flat- I did this when I was 16 in the best swimming shape of my life
  • Run a 1/2 Marathon 
  • Run a Marathon
  • Triathlon
  • 5 minute plank
  • Hold a freestanding handstand for 3o secs
  • Back handspring
  • Crossfit
  • Tough Mudder

    If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I practiced handstands like it was my job up until a couple months ago when my shoulder started to hate me
 Luckily, my shoulder has been behaving and handstanding is happening once again.. Planks and swimming are happening too.
   A few months ago during my journey through Livefit I got back in the pool for the first time in years- for laps. It was pathetic.. I mean I realize that it was 10 years after my peak swimming years, but wow… Out of swimming shape was an understatement! But it made me remember what I loved so much about the sport.. and it made me determined to get back into it on a more regular basis- just to prove I could do it. But coupled with the daily intense lifting of Livefit and teaching multiple classes a week, swimming only lasted about a month before I had to put it on the back burner, until this last week. 
    Maybe it only makes sense to those of you who are swimmers, but there is something that happens when I put my cap and goggles on and push off that wall, the way my hair and skin feels and smells afterwards, and the endorphin high… like no other! 
   But wait- let me get back to the story.. I went for a super casual swim with a friend who can swim but needed some direction.. for over an hour I taught her about freestyle. We covered breathing, stroke, and even flip turns. She was a great student and so excited which made it so much fun for me as well! Considering I had never taught anyone to swim before- she was doing great so I guess I did a pretty good job too ;) As we were leaving the adult swim group was getting in the water. I had swam with them a few times years ago and the coach still remembered me! After chatting for a few minutes, I got invited to swim with them this week and I’m PUMPED about it!   

   The last week has been filled with workouts from Phase 2 of Livefit trainer, and some cross fit from home:
 “Cindy”- 20 mins AMRAP
     5 pull ups
    10 push ups
    15 squats
I was able to complete 18 full rounds and made it halfway through the 19th.. Holy Guacamole- I was SORE the next day.. and can’t wait to be able to go to a cross fit gym someday so I can get the real experience.. But that will have to wait until I get a real job because man it is expensive around here! 

    Today I did the workout from the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape up. I really loved the workout. It was challenging and pretty speedy- even with 20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill I was done in just under an hour- with a sweat halo around my head proving I got a good workout in :) 

Remember this frame? 
I made it into this and hung it up and everything!
                                                                (P is our last name initial)
  Not only was this exciting because I finished something in a timely manner, but it also came out JUST like I had envisioned it! By the way Antique glaze is the most fun, ever! 

    I also got more pictures from the Warrior dash:
The Fire really did seem so much bigger and more scary- especially when you have a tutu made of very flammable materials! 

Dragging out from the mud for the finish
    And my most favorite of them all
  Nothing says a good time like Mud in my mouth and your eyes!

What is something from your Fitness Bucket List?
Happy Monday!!!

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