Tuesday, June 19, 2012


     Hello Tuesday! I don’t know about you guys, but it has been an extremely jam packed and exhausting day- between 5am wake up coffee calls, teaching 2 classes, studying with the second attempt of caffeine pick up...

          There was some time for an attempt at a new hair-do (or not really so new, but an improved version on a classic) And a snack

My new to me bike also came home from a tune-up, meaning there will be some trail rides coming soon! (This bike used to be James’- and he reluctantly is letting me use it, lol)  

 This happened- my first swim practice in 10 years… Did I struggle? Sure did. Did I swim 2600 meters? Sure did. Will I be able to lift my arms in the morning? Probably not..
      Chlorine scented, sore body, and overly starving… and giddy!

  One thing I didn’t miss or appreciate…. swollen eyes from my goggles

How’s that for attractive? Haha..

   All throughout practice I was given a good amount of constructive criticism:
  - Elongate my stroke for distance-  instead of my short sprinter stroke.
  - I’m lifting my head when I breathe
  - Remember to kick from the hip
  - No whipping my arms.. this isn’t a race!
I have a lot to work on, but I loved every single minute.. There is nothing like swimming :)

Tell me about your Tuesday!

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  1. oh yes! swimming. Welcome back! it's a good, hard, hungry feeling.