Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dog days + Shoulders: a workout + giving out.

   My boys ( the puppy-faces) are a source of a whole lot of happiness for me. They are always happy to see me, give me unlimited kisses (Especially Hydro) lots of snuggles and are just plain old awesome to have around.. But it’s a double edged sword, because they both shed like crazy and constantly make a mess that I need to clean up.. which drives me a little insane... Like yesterday afternoon when I attempted to do my homework and instead went crazy like a mad-woman scrubbing the house from top to bottom- in an attempt to be fur free.. Yeah it didn’t work- not even a little bit.. But I did walk down the stairs to see this:
  Haha- oh Hydro.. your life is so tough! (He is actually snoozing here- not just blinking!) He constantly has a toy in his mouth like a security blanket, such a cutie… Another source of frustration is trying to get Sammy to walk on a leash. Hydro does a great job- I walked him almost everyday back when he was a pup so he walks extremely well- even around a ton of people.. Sammy on the other hand never stops pulling.. we have tried every thing to get this dog to just walk.. but we got him when he was already an adult and had some bad habits.. BUT today we had a first:

 The first Solo- Double Doggie walk! We got Sammy this new collar and while he still pulls, chases after cars and barks like a psycho- it was a pretty big improvement! (In the past any time I have tried to walk him- even alone- he annoys me so much that we make it around the block and he has to go home) today we made it a whole 45 minutes around the neighborhood! I’m so proud :) There will be more of these walks coming soon :)
     Unfortunately I have some bad news..
  I have a boo-boo :( I haven’t gone to the doctor yet- but it’s pretty obvious that I have something pretty serious going on. When James noticed swelling and lots of tenderness around my shoulder blade last night after class, I didn’t think anything of it. I never really make much of soreness- maybe it’s all those years of swimming with a busted up ankle- but when someone can actually SEE the swelling.. thats a serious concern for me.
     This morning all through my workout it felt off but I pushed through and finished it out anyway because I’m stubborn and refused to believe that it was anything. But as I started to look more into what my symptoms are- and thinking back to some issues I’ve noticed in the past- I started to get scared.. Between my years of swimming, handstands, my stupid human trick ( watch this- jumping ahead to the 30 second mark- I figured a link would be better than just assuming you want to watch it- not my own personal video, but you get the picture…) Where was I? Oh right.. and the last but most definitely the biggest problem.. YEARS of waitressing.. You know- hoisting trays full of heavy plates of food all the way up and over my head with the same left shoulder.. day in, day out..
       Well there isn’t anything I can do about it today- I have the KT tape in place.. I took some OTC pain meds and I’m attempting to rest it.. I’ve been googling all day and that shit is scary.. they always have to give you the worst case scenario don’t they? AHHH.. Fingers crossed that there is no rotator cuff tear (I can handle a strain or something less intense) and no tears in the other tiny little muscles, tendons, or ligaments.. I REALLY don’t want to have surgery!

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