Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Upgrades + Back/Shoulders WO

      Hello, Hello, and Happy Tuesday! 

     Things are moving pretty slowly over here at the moment- I’ve been upgrading my electronics and pretending that I know exactly what I’m doing.. Um, no I have no idea.. What is this iCloud business and why can’t I figure it out?! Since getting my phone, I’ve figured out that I’m a huge slacker and none of my other Mac products were up to date. I’m talking old MacBook Pro operating system, iPad that wasn’t even registered or linked to my computer at all and who knows the last time my iPod got updated( I’m leaving that one for another day!) So I at least got the first two worked out- and can I say that the Lion OS is really screwing with me because I used to be able to “scroll down” by putting two fingers on the trackpad and dragging down… well not anymore kiddies! EEK- now I have to drag up to scroll down- and I’ll be honest.. It’s causing some major brain confusion- well that doesn’t exactly take a whole lot, eh? ;)
     I have managed to get some stuff done in the middle of all this- but I’ve pushed study time to this evening so I could focus on important things like iPhones, iPads, iPods- iNeedHelps… Workouts and feeding time.. So lets move onto the morning workout:



-Bent over Rear Delt Raise, 3x12                                                                 10 lbs
-Bent Over Barbell Row, 3x 12 (45 secs rest between sets)                         40 lbs 
-Push Press, 4x 10-12 reps                                                                            40 lbs              
-V-Bar Pull-Down,4x 10-12 reps.                                                                55  lbs              
-Bent Over Barbell Row, 4x 10-12 reps (60 secs between sets).                  40  lbs                            Superset      
-Pull-Ups, 3x 10-12 reps            
-Shoulder Plank, 3x10-12 reps (45 secs rest between sets)                 

** Neutral Grip Lat Pull-Down,3x 10-12 reps                                               85/70 lbs

-Underhand T-Bar Row, 3x 10-12 reps.                                                      30 lbs               
-Bent Arm Dumbbell Pull-Over,3x 10-12 reps (60 secs rest between sets). 20  lbs                    

*Cardio 15 minutes interval sprints 30 secs on/off 20 minutes steady state-  sprints @ 8.0
* indicate my addition
** Taken from the original Triset because the machines were on opposite sides of the gym.

      I felt great this whole workout- but my legs are SORE; Starting Saturday and compounded by yesterdays Leg workout and class teaching- I used the Wonder Woman workout that Katy over at Fit In Heels posted on Sunday- as part of my class and it was awesome.. My favorite part was the StarJacks- I encouraged everyone to make crazy faces while jumping into the Star and was laughing my ass off the whole time.. So I got a great Ab workout in there too :) 
      Anyway, as soon as I got home I rushed upstairs to get my foam roll on.. Except, Yogaslackers don't use foam rollers.. we use straight PVC pipe (with stickers to make it pretty of course!) Now thats DEEP tissue. 
It hurt so good- and I am definitely doing it again tonight :) ***Notice- Yogaslackers sticker front and center :)
     Unfortunately I didn’t get ANY studying done- ***fail*** I did however manage to go with James to his new Chiropractor so that I could ask him about and where he does Crossfit. Yup- the first time J went there he and the Doc were talking about it and J told him that I was an animal/gym rat and had been talking about doing some Crossfit. While we didn’t get into a whole lot of detail he did give me his info to contact him when he wasn’t supposed to be cracking backs and necks into place. Apparently there is a deal going on right now for newbies- which means I need to get on that shizzz.. NOW. I want to be in Crossfit games.. pshhht! 
     Hope your having a great night! I’m off to color some Easter Eggs with my favorite little lady.. Miss L.! 

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