Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wasted morning + Bath time mutts

    Epic wasted morning… But before that happened I attempted a half-hearted workout. My shoulder was feeling kind of weird but I didn’t want to skip out of the workout- I did mostly everything but with a lot less weight. I didn’t even feel like I worked out- FAIL..

Biceps + Triceps
  • 5 minute warm up 
  • Super set: Barbell Curl/ lying triceps press (12,10,8,10) 
  • Super set: Close grip barbell curl/ triceps dumbbell kickback (3x12)
  • Super set: Reverse Plate curls/bench dips (4x12)
  • Super set :Hammer Curls/ seated Triceps press (3x12)
  • 15 minutes treadmill walk
    After my lame workout I called in to work and headed out to the Walk-in to get my shoulder looked at. Mostly because it was still feeling weird and James has been bugging me to go to the doctor. I would just assume keep the KT tape going and wait to see what happens..
     After waiting in the main lobby for over two hours, impatiently I might add (a girl can only play Wheres the Water, and Words with friends for so long) I went up to ask if they had forgotten about me. As it turns out, they did. Nice huh? Once I finally got in there I spoke with a nurse who took vitals and brief description of what was going on and was sent out for X-rays. I know that its procedure but I knew it was just a waste of time and at this point I knew that going to this doctor was a mistake.  The doctor came in, poked around and told me that it just seemed like it was muscle, which they can’t see on X-ray (like I didn’t know that!) and that she “thought” it was just overuse and take this pill. 
     OK here’s my issues with this.
             Number 1, as soon as any of these people walked in I told them not only what I do for a living but what I have done and still do physically. The fact that I told them all of these things, and PAID them to tell me the same shit and get no answers, pissed me off. 
            Number 2, You wasted my time, cost me money, and gave me a “I think it might be…” diagnosis. Just say you don’t know.
            Number 3, when you “diagnose” me with “Overuse” your probably going to want to give me an out of work form- umm.. I’m pretty sure that is common sense. When I then ask you for one since you didn’t offer, don’t then act surprised “Oh you think your going to need one of those?” -my response will then be snotty “Um yeah, I don’t think it would make much sense to hoist a tray full of food up and over my head (which I can only do with that arm because I can’t balance a tray with the other) when your saying it’s “overuse”
          Number 4, Google gave me more answers

   By the time I dropped off the out of work form and headed home the morning was completely gone and it was almost 1pm. I didn’t get much accomplished after that which makes me feel like a sloth, but hey it happens I guess- no use getting upset. 
    I did however decide that it was high time these mutts got a bath: 

As you can see they really LOVE bath time, hahah. But at least now they don’t smell like tortilla chips.

    My shoulder seems to be fine- I can’t really see if it is still swollen so I’ll have to wait for James to come home and examine and put more KT tape on since they made me take it off. Damn it. I guess I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and see what happens. Probably not the best plan of attack, but I don't have the ambition to find another doctor right now.

Have you ever had a bad experience with a doctor?

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