Friday, March 30, 2012

Factoid Friday

   Hello, hello!! And happy Friday :) I’m excited for whatever the night brings! We don’t have any set plans for the night as of yet because we are slackers and leave everything to the last minute, but I’m sure we will find something to do. Today started with a quickie 35 minutes on the treadmill- and I’ll be honest with you- I jogged for 20 minutes of that. I just really wanted to break a sweat and thought that it would be ok for me to pick up the pace for a few minutes. (I can’t WAIT for this whole rest business to be finished) After a quick shower and a smoothie (which I drank in the car) I headed out for some studying at Panera Bread. My mom met me there for a little chat session after I had been there for a few hours. 
     This week I didn’t really get a whole lot of studying done- with the lack of sleep and the adjustments of my meds for a few days (to see if that was the problem- It wasn’t) I couldn’t stay focused the few times I went out to get the work done. Thankfully today I managed to get a chunk done and plan on doing a bit more in a few minutes, but first: 

Factoid Friday
   1. I have drank at least 110 Ounces of water today (That’s just over 13 cups!) This is not including the coffee or the smoothie I had this morning- but I must have been pretty dehydrated because I am still thirsty! 
    See that huge bottle of water? That thing alone is 50.7 ounces.
    2. This sticker in the photo above reads, “Sorry for driving so close in front on you” James got this for me this Christmas because I always feel like people are riding my ass- or tailgating as normal people would call it- and I freak out.. In reality, I have a tiny little car (Toyota Yaris) and every other car on the road is at least 10 inches higher off the ground than mine. So it always seems like their headlights are in my back seat.. Plus I drive a standard and I have this fear that I’m going to roll back and hit them when I try to take off.

   3. Even though I told you that I was going to take the time durning my rest week to write down some fitness goals and find a new workout plan/strategy- I didn’t. Instead I just spent an hour trying to pretend that I did it so I could write about it now.. I usually work better under pressure.. Today, not so much.

    4. I’m obsessed with my personal blender. I use this thing at least twice a day. Today: smoothie and this:
   No no, it’s not another smoothie- it is actually Strawberry mouse: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 scoop Isopure strawberry protein powder, 1/2 tsp honey, and splash of vanilla.
      I whipped it up for my afternoon snack and it was so fantastic- I topped it with whipped cream..  and pretty much shoved my face in there to lick the bottom. YUM!

   5. I ate Ice Cream two nights in a row- and I don’t feel bad about it.

   6. I saw the Hunger Games yesterday with Paula after we went on a hike. Somehow we managed to go to the “Baby Movie” which basically means they keep the lights on, the volume lower and there were 7 moms there with their babies.. While I’m glad for moms to be able to take their babies to the movies- I would really like to be told before I buy a ticket that it is one of these showings.. Fortunately the babies were all pretty good!

  7. Lenny Kravitz as Cinna- My god.. you can wear gold eyeliner like its nobodies business.. You are one sexy man (as if you guys didn’t know that from the photo above)

What are your Friday Factoids… lay em on me! 

What are you weekend plans? I have work both mornings- boo! I’m hoping to get a good workout in one of those days and I’m thinking of doing this one from

1500 WOD
10 rounds of

100 jump ropes
10 burpees
10 sit ups
10 push ups
10 squats
10 pull ups

Happy Weekend! 

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