Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend + Circuit + Workout + Work

This weekend went by quickly... Was filled with coffee pouring and plate slinging... And the end of rest week, which was celebrated with a kickass circuit workout that was on Here's what it looked like:
100 jump ropes 
10 burpees 
10 sit-ups 
10 pushups 
10 squats 
10 pull ups 
- Repeat circuit 10x (1500 reps baby!)

     Paula and I tackled this guy bright and early Saturday morning before I went to work. It took us just about an hour to complete, we only took a few breaths and chugs of water throughout, and it was a sweaty one! I couldn't think of a better way to end the long long long rest week... And honestly I can not believe how sore my shins and calves are from the jump rope. I have foam rolled and stretched like crazy and I am still feeling some soreness, Awesome!!! Between working and working out there was some good quality time with friends- dinner at our house one night, hang out with girls for some shoe shopping (not for me) and a marathon of watching this on Netflix (the 2008 version)
   We started watching it randomly and got seriously addicted.. These dogs and their mushers are amazing.. 1000 miles in the Alaskan wilderness on a sled- these pups are seriously intense.. and most of them are mutts! James and I both needed to rest so it worked out that we watched all of the 6 episodes.. I told you we got addicted! 

      Sunday post pancakes- (serving of them.. not actually eating them) James and I took the boys to get rabies shots at Petco. Each Sunday they have a 2 hour window where you can bring your dogs and cats for low cost vaccinations. It’s a pretty awesome deal since you only pay for whatever vaccine you need/want and a small disposal fee- (no office visit!) we got both of them up to date with the rabies vaccine for $44! Of course you have to wait in line- with a bunch of other dogs/cats which was interesting and the line takes FOREVER- but its worth it in my book, especially since the last time I took the boys to the vet it was over $300.. Eek!
     After that adventure, we dropped the boys back off at home and headed out to the Sprint store. It was finally time to get new phones- and believe me I needed it. I am now a proud new owner of
HURRAY!!!!  An Iphone 4! I have been waiting for this moment and I am pretty friggin’ excited about it- I got the white- James got the black. We almost got the 4s but decided to save $200. Funnily enough the staff talked us OUT of getting the 4s- not because it isn’t a good phone, but because it isn’t a huge difference between phones (A bit better camera, processor and memory + Siri) I don’t really care about speaking commands to my phone and anything would have been better than what I had
Worst phone ever

    With Monday being here it was time to get moving on a new workout. Since finishing Livefit I have searched and researched- and have come up with a game plan for the coming weeks. I haven’t found a workout plan that was similar to Livefit (as far as the structure and the day-by-day instruction/ variation) Instead I found a bunch of short workout samples- one or two weeks a piece. I decided to use a combination of these and some stuff from other blogs/sites/magazines to form our new plan. For the next two weeks we will be following Kathleen Tesoris muscle building program with a few additions of course. 
 Today we worked legs- and it rocked to be back to lifting heavy again:

 Set #1 
 Set #2 
 Set #3 
 Set #4 
 Set #5 
 Low Quad Lunges, 30 yds  60 lbs 60 lbs 60 lbsXXXX
 Squat Jumps, 12 reps  BW BW BWXXXX
 Leg Extensions, 12 reps  70 lbs 70 lbs 70 lbs 70 lbs 70 lbs
 Narrow Squats, 8 reps  140 lbs 140 lbs 140lbs 140 lbs 140 lbs
 Bulgarian split squats, 12 reps  30 lbs 30 lbs 30 lbs 30 lbsXX
 Leg press, 12 reps                        
* Stiff legged Deadlifts 12 reps x3
* Farmers Walk 2x down and back
170 lbs
60 lbs
90 lbs
170 lbs
 60 lbs
 90 lbs
 170 lbs
 60 lbs
 170 lbs

 170 lbs

* Indicate my additions

      This turned out to be a pretty rough leg burner even though we took our time. I think it will take a few days to get back into the zone- but for now I was more interested in getting this done and having a great time doing it. We chatted it up through the whole workout and ended up chatting with our gym buddies for over 15 minutes which meant we were at the gym for a while. haha. I love the community that you form with the other regulars in your time slot. 

     I cleaned up and went to work
My first instagram.. I have no idea what I’m doing for the record.. 

How was your weekend?
What was your Monday workout?
Are you going to try that 1500 rep workout this week? If you do, tell me about it!

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