Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who says you need to be a kid.. or have a kid?

    Thank goodness I got some sleep- let me tell you it wasn’t pretty.. I even had to break out my stuffed animal that I slept with for over 20 years- he does the trick every time… I don’t care.. call me a baby :-P  I’m well rested and I can take it now.. Two days ago would have been another story.. and I’m pretty sure I would have called my Dad to tell on you.. 
     Two other childish things happened in the last couple of days:
     Tell me you made english muffin pizzas as a kid- I know I did.. The inspiration randomly struck me on Tuesday- though this version was a little more grown up.. Made with Eziekel bread with homemade marinara sauce and a sprinkle of basil (that counts as a green.. no?) It was fantastic.
     Easter is around the corner.. and we ALWAYS color Easter eggs.. I don’t have to wait to have a kid to do this shit.. I’m a kid already (plus I’m married to one) and dogs count as kids anyway:

   What I didn’t show you- we color Samdog with the left over dye every year too.. it probably borders on animal abuse.. but he likes it- he thinks he looks like a ninja and who am I to argue? I mean look at this badass Mother Effer-
   I know his scary face just made you pee yourself a little.. It’s ok.. he has that affect on people.

       We are still holding strong with the whole “rest week” and I haven’t gotten my heart rate bumpin’ in days- it’s driving me bananas. I can’t wait to work up a sweat in a few days.. counting down.. seriously. Until then I’m trying to procrastinate and not study.. damn it.. sometimes I have to be an adult I suppose.

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