Sunday, September 8, 2013

Simple- Thankful

Appreciate the little simple things

*Puppy play-date* 
Sure, things have been tough on James and I, but the boys miss each other too. This week we got them together for a few hours and they loved every minute of it. They went right back to looking after the house as a two man team. 

Sometimes an Italian kid just needs a big bowl of comfort- in the form of a carb coma- even if it’s gluten-free.. it still has the same affect.. Just add too much butter and cheese (can there really ever be too much of these things?) with a little salt and pepper… simple and delicious.

I love living with Erin and Lola… it has made this whole process quite a bit easier for sure. And Lola is adorable and hilarious 
 So many laughs.. and seriously.. Laughter is the best medicine 

I’m so very glad Tuna-moose was sent to me. I honestly believe Hydro hand (paw?) selected him to watch over me.. Just when I’m feeling low, he curls right next to or on me.. and I instantly feel better. He really knows how to make his Mama feel loved :)

Need I say more?

*Drinks with Friends*
Because sometimes everything makes more sense with some girl time

*Stuff that Sparkles*
The last thing I “needed” was another piercing.. but I’m a chick.. and I wanted something new and sparkly. So I dropped a stupid amount of money to get a forward helix.
 It’s tiny and adorable.. I kind of love it.

*Running on a beautiful afternoon*
Right after I got my piercing, I changed in the car and went for a 7 mile run. It was crazy sunny and just warm enough. Nothing like endorphins to put things into perspective and make you feel like yourself again ;)

*Kick ass circuits*
Paula and I went to the gym together once this week… but we made it count
3 rounds through of 50 seconds AMRAP and 10 seconds rest.. 30 minutes- Done and Done.. 

*Being Silly*
Paula, Erin and I went on a hunt for Lola’s Halloween costume.. We have the sense of humor of 12 year old boys

Because burning shit is awesome

Lola requested kabobs for dinner.. Got to make the kid happy, no?

 They turned out so amazing.. But next time we decided to just skip the veggies.. 
Beef sticks please

*Sunday Pancake Breakfasts*
Paleo and Gluten free punks
Cooked in coconut oil, topped with an annoying amount of butter, almond butter and syrup- Enjoyed in the sun ;)

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