Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Life Lately.

Root beer floats.. with homemade root beer.. A really awesome post volleyball snack

 I got my tattoo worked on, which is both miserable and awesome all at once.

 Oh hey there Larry! 
 When Larry suggested we only work on the flowers for this session, I’ll admit I was disappointed.. But once we got started and I almost passed out.. twice.. (I probably should have eaten a bit more….) well I was happy we decided to do that. Haha..
 So pretty! 
Until the next day.. I had to work a double… and lets just say, that was a really bad idea.  But first, the puppies trying to steal my lunch
 I wanted you to see a cute picture before I scare you with this one...
 Yes, foot tattoos are painful to get.. but EXTREMELY painful to heal- especially when you don't keep  them up for a day or two afterwards.. Yeah that was a really bad idea. It felt like my foot was going to burst apart with every step.. 
That swelling lasted for over a week.. and even after it went down, healing is taking forever.. workouts were nonexistent… But thankfully this past week I got back to the gym
 Four times! 

 Yes I do heart you bacon.. Why are French fries so delicious?! Most specifically bacon cheese fries with ranch dressing..
 Oh and hey...

 There was a girls night in there too.. but since I’m taking this crazy medicine right now, I can’t drink.. like at all. Apparently 1 drop of alcohol will make me projectile vomit- and I’m all set with testing my limits on that one. The girls sipped on wine, I drank water and we chatted it up for a few hours.. I love those girls! I have to say the best part of the night was the “jello shots” that Melinda made.. I don’t know how you can mess up jello.. but it was more like jello jerky.. 

 A spoon couldn’t even cut the surface.. needless to say we had quite a few laughs! 

Randomness.. Did you know they sometimes ship lobsters like bottles of beer? I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty cruel.. and kind of funny.

Tuna-moose and I are all moved into my new space. I’m living with my friend Erin, her daughter Lola and their dog Bella. Tuna has been loving all of the play time but still has been keeping guard over things
Haha.. look at that vicious pit bull over there.. 
Moving on to a few more serious things of “life lately”… 

1. I was “served” my divorce papers. 
You know, I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. I knew they were coming.. I even made the appointment for the constable to deliver them to me while I was at work.. But as it turns out, it is. Even when you know something is coming… it sucks just the same. Seeing it in black & white- I dunno.. just does something to you. 
So many emotions run through… and even though there are friends/family around to support me.. its hard not to feel completely alone. Especially when some people are a little less supportive and read what I write (a very edited version) and make judgements/assessments… and then bring those to James. 
I completely understand that I write about some very personal things in a public space. However, I have been very careful about what I write. Never have I written that everything is James’ fault or my fault. I have kept important details to myself.. and in fact I have emphasized the fact that I think James is an amazing person and a great guy. 
So please, if you have concerns about the content here.. come to me- I’m not as bad as your making me out to be… and it’s just hurtful. 

2. I’m officially unemployed, by choice. 
I’m still teaching a couple of classes here and there, but the restaurant gig is gone.  I guess these days I’m all about living my life on the edge- tapping into my impulsive nature that I have ignored for far too long.  Plus when you give everything up and hit bottom… the only place you can go is up right? 
Since quitting, I have pulled a resume out of the air and applied to a bunch of jobs. I’m searching for a breakfast/lunch gig- but in the meantime I don’t care what I do.. I already have an interview for Thursday! 

3. I’ve also re-enrolled in school.. I’m attempting to get into classes this semester- but since classes are starting this week and are all full, the chances are pretty slim that I’m going to get into a class I need. (There is a small chance that I will be able to ask a professor to let me into a class, and fingers are crossed for this to happen. I want to get going while the momentum is there.) But if that doesn’t happen, the back-up plan is to start in January for sure. 

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